Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Naughty Little No7 products

No 7 is one of my favourite brands. It's quite inexpensive. I've seen them in target. But there is a wider variety in the Uk. They sell items like foundation, primer, blushes, bronzers, mascaras, make up brushes and many more. You can see a wider range of there products on
I have not been sent any products by BOOTS or NO7. These are things I purchased with my own money. And offcourse the opinions on them are my own.

Price: £10.75
This foundation primer is the best.  For me. I have compared it to Gosh's primer and I honestly think this ones better. Especially for people with oily skin. I have really oily skin in the summer so I just apply bits of this on my forehead, t-zone and little bit on the cheeks. This primer sets really quickly. It's quite thick. And once it dries it feels kind of powdery. But it's an amazing make up base. It really does prevent you from having to keep blotting your face throughout the day. For the price I think it's really worth it.

Price: Really sorry but I recieved it as a gift
This eyeshadow trio is gorgeous! I hardly used it. I'm to scared to use it. The bird is a red colour with pinkish undertones, this makes the colour less vibrant, which is perfect if your not very brave like me. The blue again is a really pastly blue and the mustard yellow is my favourite out of all three. The trio it self is called 'paradise'. I cannot get over this trio <3

Name of the range: Stay perfect.
Price: £9.75
This lipstick is actually my mum's. But I often steal it off her (sorry mum) The colour is absoloutly amazing. It is such a light pink. For someone not so brave like myself. Really enjoying this colour. It is not completely out there but it is beautiful. Also this lip stick leaves your lip soft and nourished. So there isn't a need for an extra chapstick. Also the colour stays on your lips for absoloutly hours.

Name of the range: Moisture drench.
Price: £9.75
The colour of this is a very unusual (for me) darkish colour. It's kinda peachy on camera but if you see it on real life it's brown. But once applied to the lips it turns kinda marroonish. And I fell in love with it instantly. The first time I purchased it this was the only colour I wore for 2whole weeks. I know. And I still love it. It leaves my lips so soft and nourished Love it <3

Well this is most of my No7 products. I have more like brushes and more lip products. I will post it on soon. But I just really wanted to test my new camera out. And give you lot a post. Hope this helps. Byee until next time x
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Monday, 13 September 2010


Hey there. If you guys don't recognise this brand. Especially if your from the US. Gosh is a make up brand. There products are sold in many different countries. You can check for more information. But I bought mine from the UK. As I'm from the Uk. :) There products are really inexpensive. But again I am really wary about 'inexpensive brands' but hey thats all I can afford being a student.
Any way these products were purchased by me myself and I. NONE WERE SENT TO ME. And all opinions are ofcourse my own. xo

I started off my GOSH adventure with just 2 blushes. Both blushes were purchased from

Name: Juicy peach.
Price: £1.99

The name of this blush does most deffinatly go with the colour. It is such a vibrant juicy peachy colour. I absoloutly adore this blush. In the winter I get so very pale.  And this blush works wonders. It gives my cheeks that gorgeous pop of colour. Love it.

Name: True cinnamon
Price: £1:99
This blush is much more toned down. Oh I forgot to mention none of these blushes have any shimmer in them. Nope none.
I like this blush. Usually the colour I go for. For an everyday look. Perfect.

Name: 233
Price: cannot remember but it was purchased from superdrugs. So they still have it. :)

Well this is just a normal solo matte brown eyeshadow. But one thing I have to say about GOSH is that the pigmentation of there products is AWSOME. I know this is just a normal matt solo brown eyeshadow. But it's perfect for those toned down smokeys. And amazing for the crease. :)

Hope this was of some help. And I know the first to products might not be available. But this review should help you know a bit about how there products should come out like. All three products to me were really impressive. :D x

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