Monday, 13 September 2010


Hey there. If you guys don't recognise this brand. Especially if your from the US. Gosh is a make up brand. There products are sold in many different countries. You can check for more information. But I bought mine from the UK. As I'm from the Uk. :) There products are really inexpensive. But again I am really wary about 'inexpensive brands' but hey thats all I can afford being a student.
Any way these products were purchased by me myself and I. NONE WERE SENT TO ME. And all opinions are ofcourse my own. xo

I started off my GOSH adventure with just 2 blushes. Both blushes were purchased from

Name: Juicy peach.
Price: £1.99

The name of this blush does most deffinatly go with the colour. It is such a vibrant juicy peachy colour. I absoloutly adore this blush. In the winter I get so very pale.  And this blush works wonders. It gives my cheeks that gorgeous pop of colour. Love it.

Name: True cinnamon
Price: £1:99
This blush is much more toned down. Oh I forgot to mention none of these blushes have any shimmer in them. Nope none.
I like this blush. Usually the colour I go for. For an everyday look. Perfect.

Name: 233
Price: cannot remember but it was purchased from superdrugs. So they still have it. :)

Well this is just a normal solo matte brown eyeshadow. But one thing I have to say about GOSH is that the pigmentation of there products is AWSOME. I know this is just a normal matt solo brown eyeshadow. But it's perfect for those toned down smokeys. And amazing for the crease. :)

Hope this was of some help. And I know the first to products might not be available. But this review should help you know a bit about how there products should come out like. All three products to me were really impressive. :D x


  1. I love juicy peach the most <3 wish it was still available. x

  2. I haven't heard of this brand before, but it looks good.

  3. Hey guys
    Anonymous: yes juicy peach is a gorge colour i love it.
    Fasion Rehab: The brands amazing. Check there website out, to see if you have a store near you. x

  4. Nice blog. I have never heard about this brand. Nice review.

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