Tuesday, 26 October 2010

17 Cosmetics.

17 Cosmetics is a well known make up brand in the UK. It is a drugstore brand, which means the price of there products are super cheap. They sell products such as:

- Face products e.g: foundation , bronzer, Blusher and Concealer
- Lip products e.g: Lipstick and Lipgloss
- Eye products e.g: Eyeshadows, Mascaras, Khol pencils and liquid eyeliners.
- A wide range of Nail polishes
- Tools and accersories e.g: make up brushes and manicure sets etc.
Here are some of the things that I have purchased and things that I absoloutly adore.

Shade: Dolly Mixture
Price: £4.99
Collection: Candy Collection.

As you can see from the picture the colours are so candy like Hense the collection name. The pink the blue and the yellow are all very summery colours. And theres a gorgeous little tuitorial on how to use the whole trio for one look http://www.boots.com/en/17/17-Sweet-as-Candy-Video/. I think these colours will never go out of date. And you can use them all efficiently. My personal fave has to be the pink. Its such a subtle pink once applied to the lid. And the blue is just dreamy. The yellow goes without saying. The shadows are so very pigmented. And they have the absoloutle least shimmers in them.

Shade: Ivory coast
Price: £3.49
Note: Note: Product still available but in a brand new packaging.  

This solo eyeshadow to be honest with you wasn't really my favourite when first purchased. I hated it and the reason to that is because it had 101 shimmers in it. And I usually stick to the matte shadows 'cause I like to 'play it safe' but this eyeshadow just didn't do it for me. So instead I started using it as a higlight. For my brow bone and also for the top of my cheek bones. And it works like a wonder. I think this shadow would be amazing for all the shimmer fans. This could be a 2in1 product an eyeshadow and also a highlight. So if you hate shimmers but want a highlight which is cheap and looks gorgeous go for this one.

Shade: Shocking Pink
Price: £3.49
Note: Product still available but in a brand new packaging.

The same thing applies for this shadow too. But I really like this shadow to be shimmery because the colour is just gorgeous. But for me the colour is like a big step (: if you know what I mean it's so very bright. So instead I usually use it as a blush. And I have heard many other people on youtube do too. So yeah an all round product. So if you love that shocking look this shadow is perfect for you.

Shade: Plum Pudding
Price: £4.99
Note: Product not sold anymore :(

I bought this trio absoloutly ages ago. When I first started off with make up. All the colours are absoloutly gorgeous. You can acheive a gorgeous smokey look by using just this trio. The colours do look shimmery but once applied no shimmers are visable. Absoloute Love!

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