Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Naural Collection Make up

Hello there :) 
I have some wonderful Natural collection goodies here I would like to share some good words about. I absoloutly love love love Natural Collection. They are by far the best cheap make up providers. Ahh I adore them so much. They have a wonderfull offer of 3 for 5. Which basically means you can purchase any three make up items for only £5.00. And if your just looking for the one item it will cost you £1.99. Here some of my favouritess :D

Shade: Sweet Cheeks.
Price: £1.99
You may have already heard many good things about the Natural Collection blushers. Well thats because they come in the most gorgeous shades. This particular shade is not to bright and not unnoticeable. I love it. The pigmentation is so amazing. It has absoloutly no shimmers whatso ever. Just a matte shade. In my oppinion blushers with no shimmers are the best. I hate it when I've applied some bronzer and thats got shimmers then I apply some blusher and thats got shimmers too. I mean that just looks like I have painted myself with glitter. So I always go for matte shades :)

Shade: Cocoa / Strawberry
Price: 1.99
From the Natural Collection range the eyeshadows are the ones I love the most. They are super pigmented. And they come in the best shades. This duo here is amazing for that natural look. They are so natural yet they make your eyes look so glamourous with the shimmers. Love it.

Shade: Medium
Price: £1.99
This has got to be the best concealer I have found, by far. The consistency is absoloutly amazing. I wear it to school and it stays on all day. Even whilst gym classes, Pe, running and even heavy athletics. I was so shocked how perfectly it concealed my undereye circles. Absoloutly hid them. They come in 2 shade. Medium and fair. The medium suits most skin tones. It's not runny and it glides on amazingly. It has been compared to the collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer. 
My all time fave <3

Shade: Sunshine
Price: £1.99
This little beauty here is the Natural Collection Bronzer. They sell two shades. Sunshine and Golden Glow. I have bought sunshine as it is the lightest. And Golden glow is a lot darker. The bronzer it's self is perfect for just lightly fethering it on your face. You know in those cold winter days. Where you don't want to look like you've been dipped in a bath full of tanning lotion. But just a little healthy colour on your face. That is exactly what the Natural Collection Bronzer in sunshine does. In my oppinion the Natural Collection bronzer in Golden Glow would be much better for contouring. This bronzer has the littlest shimmers. Hardly noticeable when on your face. 

I absoloutly adore Natural Collection. They are so inexpensive but the quality of their makeup is outstanding. If you do want to purchase any of these items and more go to your local Boot's and also you can check their website for shades etc.

Hope you enjoyed this. And leave requests and comments below pleassse :) 

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