Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Tired of facial hair?

Don't you just hate it when your about to get out the house and BAM you see some hair right above your lip. It's not like someone can see it but you can. And I usually can't be asked to get out my waxing gear etc just for a little bit of hair and I don't have time. So I have found this little beauty. It actually is really tiny.

Info : This can be purchased in Superdrugs. And costs £1.99

What it is: It's a product called Silkimiz. And basically all that it is, is a tiny little rubber holder (purple support) and on top is stuck on a pink facial strip which is just a bit of gental sand paper. Perfect for our delicate skin. It is so easy to use and convenient. You can carry it in your bag and whenever you see a little stray hair you can use it to remove it. And also this little thing is so very handy to use on your face aswell as just your upper lip.

 Instructions: As like any other hair removal product, you have to start of with a clean face. No make up nothing. Then you get your suppot (purple) and add a strip (pink). Make sure to remove the packaging of the pink strip from the back before sticking it on the purple support. Then when your props ready. Gentally in circular motions rub the area. DO NOT RUB UP AND DOWN. If you find a little bit of dust appearing that is just the reuslt of exfoliation.
After you have finished rinse your face with cold water and moisturise skin.
Make sure you always change the strips when you see it has been used up.
Make sure you do not use this method of hair removal more then once a week.

And it's as simple as that. I usually only use this method when I'm in a rush. The first time I did it I got a little rash. But I realised its because I was rubbing it up and down instead of circular motions.

I hope you've enjoyed my little help. And these are all my own opinions. This was not sent to me. I purchased it myself from Superdrugs.

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