Saturday, 22 January 2011


Hey there my lovelies :)
So I purchased two bourjois products from my fave online store  I've done a recent post on them already. I am not being sponsored by them. They are not giving me any money to do this review or anything. I just want to share these 2 wonderfull products.
So I'm sure you guys have heard about the company called Bourjois they are a brand that do the cutest cosmetics. I always see there products and there packaging reels me in. And when I saw them on fragrance direct for so cheap I thought I have to purchase them.

        Shade:  71 Beige Clair
Price: £2.50
I have wanted this for absoloutly ages but I never really bought it because it was nearly £9.00.
But when I saw it on fragrance Direct for £2.50 I was so excited.
This is my fave powder now. I used to use Rimmel stay matte powder for more then a year, so then I don't know
I thought it didn't have the same effect anymore. So I decided to try this.
This powder is fab. It seriously gives me a perfect mattified look and keeps me shine free all day.
I used this throughout pe and none of my make up smudged. Very impressive.

Shade: 33 Lilas D'or
Price: £1.50

I am in love with the colour of this blush. It's so cute. As you can see this blush has quite alot of shimmers in it. But
once you do apply it on your skin your only left with a little bit of shimmers. Which is ok for me.
I've always wanted to try these blushers. But again they were a bit on the pricey side. But I couldn't resist on
fragrance direct it was only £1.50.
Love this blush <3

So I hope you've enjoyed this review. And I will be back soon.

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