Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Hi Dolls (:
I hope your enjoying my blog so far. I know theres not much but I have soo many new posts prepared for you guys!

The Christmas Holidays are officially over for me. I went back to school today. It felt super long. The first week of the holidays were pretty borring I just finished off my Courseworks and deadlines. And then the second week I just watched movies and spent time with the family.

I am actually so scared for this month. I am not prepared! Soon I will have my very first GCSE science exam.
I have revised zilch. Kill me now. And my computer has also been playing up here and then so I've ordered a new laptop well my parents were meant to get me a macbook for christmas but that sadly went wrong. Long story cut short. My little neice got a macbook and I tried it out and everything and I just didn't think it would be practical for school work and all. So I'm just getting a Hp something something. I will have piks up once it arrives xD

I really hope I can get some posts up pretty soon.  And thank you soo much for your support. Thanks for following me it really encorouges me! I love blogging! It's somewhere I get to let my thoughts out! Share things with people that share the same interest as me. So thanks again

I hope all of my followers are doing fantastic. And enjoy your new term in school/college etc But have fun!
I will leave you know with some cute pictures from photobucket x

Winter in the UK included alot of snow :)


  1. Good luck in school! Those pics are beautiful.

    Check out my blog :)

  2. Thanks. And I am now following your blog :)


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