Sunday, 27 February 2011

Cheap Copycat: Kim Kardashian

Hello :)
I'm loving this sexy look Kim Kardashian is rocking.
I love the colour of her lips. I am so purchasing this lip colour.
The cheaper version anyway :p
I have tried my best to recreate Kim's look but by using cheaper products.
Have fun

Step 1:
Maybelline dream satin liquid.
This foundation gives a really nice dewy finish. Perfect to steal Kim's glowy skin.

Step 2:

Set your foundation.
Rimmel Stay Matte powder
The powder will set your foundation.

Step 3:
NYC colour wheel mosaic face powder.
Shade: Mocha glow.
Kim Kardashian always contours.
Suck in your cheeks and apply just below your cheek bones like Kim.

Step 4:
Add Blush
ELF (studio) fuchsia fusion
Give your cheeks the gorgeous roseyness Kim's got. 

Step 5:
Collection 2000 shimmer & shade blush
Shade: Pink me up.
In this picture Kim has highlighted above her cheek bones.

Step 6:

Start on the eyes
17 Eyeshadow trio
Shade: In the nude
Kim has very subtle eye make up in this lok.
Cover the lid with the last pale shade. And then contour the lids with The middle golden shade.

Step 7:

Line your upper lash line.
MUA eyeliner
Shade: 5
Kim has a gorgeous cats eye going on.
Start off thin and add dimension towards the end. And make a little flick at the end.

Step 8:
Line your bottom lash line.
Collection 2000 khol eyeliner pencil
Shade: 1
Connect the liner with the top eyeliner, just like Kim.

Step: 9
 Add mascara
Collection 2000 Big Fake False Lash Effect Mascara
Shade: Black
This mascara gives your lashes dimension and also makes them seperate like Kim's

Step 10:
Final step.
Apply the lipstick.
17 Lasting Fix Lipstick
Shade : Dusky rose
Apply this all over your lips.

And the look is complete

If you want an all matte finish from the lipstick just apply some of your pressed powder gently on the lips.

*I hope you enjoyed this post.
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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Haul ft Mac and Bobbi Brown

Hi dolls.
I went on a little shopping trip today. My freinds kindly gave me a selfridges gift card for my birthday. And I finally spent it :)
I loved walking around with a wad of cash ;)
Enjoy x

I decided to get the mac fluidline in Blacktrack. The lady in the store even put it on me
to show me how it is and things. So not like she's going to read this but thanks to her :)

The most famous / most raved about creme blush from Mac. This is the creme blush in lady blush.
As you can see the colour is just soo amazing.
I know why it is so raved about. Every girl deserves to have this in their make
up bags.

I wasn't really sure about this product. I asked the lady in store to reccomend a powder for
my skin. And she said this one the Mac select sheer pressed powder would be perfect.
I just needed it to set my foundation. But the lady in store said this powder will work really well even
on it own, as my skin isn't really in need of heavy coverage.
So I'm loving this <3
I'm in nc40 if your wondering.
In drugstore foundations and powder I am around natural beige, true beige. Along them lines.

It such a gorgeous colour
Shade: 49 pink mauve.
 And finally the only think I got from Bobbi Brown was this lipstick. I didn't really know what colours would
suit me. So I asked the lady on the counter and she said. That with my skintone
Mauve colours would really go well. So she tried this one on me. And voila it looked amazing.

And thats it.
If you have any questions, just leave them below :)

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Ideas Needed Please!

Hello! (:
So my parents have bought a house recently. It's much bigger then the one we already live in. The park is just 2 minutes away and theres only one problem.
You see the room I already have is mahoosive. I can say that without hesitation, only because I have to share with another person. But when I move to my new house my room is going to be much smaller.
I love interior designing and all things like that. But this room has seriously got me worrying because I have no idea what to do with it. Everywhere I look it just gets smaller and smaller. This is even without any furniture in it.
If anyone could help me with this little bother it would be much appreciated.
I have been looking on and they have some wonderful ideas.

I'm thinking of painting it this colour. The colour is so gorgeous. And I love pink. But I'm getting
bored with that light pink / baby pinkish colour. So this is more grown up I guess but still gorgeous. I'm
thinking of painting the walls this pink and the window frame a pale whitish nearly hitting cream.

I love cute things like fairy lights. This idea is soo cute for the bed frame.

I've already decided the furnitures going to be white and the walls are going to be
a shade of pink :)

Ooh I don't mind floor legnth curtains. My window's the long vintage type so it will work alright.

And that's all the ideas I have so far.
Please leave any ideas below. Thanks x
Heres the link if you want to check out more inspirational images.

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