Saturday, 19 March 2011

SS11 Beauty Trends

Hey dolls.
As you have probably already noticed the runway was so colourful this year.
This spring and summer is going to be one of the brightest yet.
Here are some of my favourite trends, which I thought will be easy to acheieve and recreate.

* Bold Lips.

This trend was unmissable on the catwalks.
I love the fact that the lips are the centre of attention.

When you do this look make sure you don't have a smokey going on or even heavy blush,
Your lips should be the only thing that stands out.
Love this trend <3

I reccommend
Barry M lip paint: 62 Vibrant

Accessorize Lip stick: Coral Crush

*Peach cheeks

Ladies this is a time to bring out the peaches.
Peach blushes are so in. They look gorgeous on every skintone.
Remember not to over do it though.
A subtle stroke with your brush is enough :)

I reccommend:

Elf studio blush: Candid coral

I think this trend would suit the people who aren't brave enough to brace the bold look.
You can add a little touch of colour to your eyes and make your eyes the centre of attention.
Also top it off with a nude pastel lip stick.

I reccommend:

Accessorize eye shadow:  Icon Mermaid

*The dewy look.
This trend is perfect to fake your cheekbones.
Love this look. It's so good and versatile.
By highlighting you make your whole face look and feel more healthy.

I reccommend:

NO 7 Skin Illuminator.

* The Naked Look

I love this trend. It's so nice and it really influences peoples to show off their 'flaws' as they call it.
Just showing your skin.
Having that little bit of make up on but not OVERdoing it.
Love it <3

I reccommend:
Nivea Tinted Moisturiser

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Friday, 11 March 2011

Dress Like Taylor Swift

Hello (:

I love Taylor Swift. And I completely adore her style. That girl could possibly rock anythign.
When I saw this image of her I was so excited to recreate this outfit.
I hope you guys enjoy it x
Lace has been in for quite a while now. I think this trend will never fade.
This gorgeous Lace Dress is from Tesco F&F.
Taylor has brown court shoes on, but these grey ones look equally gorgeous from Tesco F&F again. They have some awsome things at the minute.
The only piece of accersory Taylor has on is this skinny belt. The gold one will go perfectly from Forever21
For make up Taylor has her signature wing eyeliner and her Red Lips.
Gorgeous <3

I hope you enjoyed this look for only under £40.
I can't wait to try this outfit. :)

FYI. None of the companies mentioned have sponsored me for this post.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Cheap Copycat: Victoria Justice

Loving this gorgeous look.
I have seen her wearing this lipcolour in several of her pictures.
Love it <3

Step 1:
Apply foundation:
Revlon colorstay
Victoria's skin looks so healthy and glowy.
This foundation does exactly that.

Step 2:
Set foundation:
Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying powder.
Price: £3.99
Shade: Translucent.
This translucent powder will not only set your foundation but it will also
make your foundation stay put. The dewyness of your foundation will still stay.

Step 3:

Add bronzer:
Elf Warm bronzer
Price: £3.50
Softly swipe this all over your face using the 3 and B motions.
This will give your face that tanned look Victoria is rocking.

Step 4:
Add blush:
Shade: Blushing Berry
Price: £7.99
Gently place this on the apples of your cheeks.
This will give you that natural flush of colour Victoria has.

Step 5:
Start on the eyes:
Maxfactor Max Effect Dip in eyeshadow.
Shade: 01 Ibiza sunrise.
Price: £5.99
Firstly place the first colour on the right all over the lid.
Secondly using a pencil brush apply the chocolate dark colour on to your crease and also take it up a little.
Make sure to blend out properly to avoid those harsh lines.
Finally apply the lightest shade on to your brow bone. To acheive the gorgeous highlight
Victoria has.

Step 6:

Add fake lashes:
Eylure Girls Aloud Lashes
Price: £5.11
Victoria has very separated lashes in this picture.
Cheryl naturally has separated lashes. So this will be perfect.

Step 7.
Add mascara:
Collection 2000 Big Fake False lash effect mascara.
Shade: Black
Price: £4.99
This mascara will emphasize your false lashes, still keeping them seperate.

Step 8:
Add Eyeliner:
Bourjois Smokey Eye Pencil
Shade: Intense Black
Price: £5.49
Apply the eyeliner roughly on the top lash line. And then smudge it using the smudger.
Then take the eyeliner and line the bottom lash line. Also add a little extra on the end of the
bottom lashline and smudge. This will give that smokey look Victoria has.

Step 9:
Add lip colour:
Revlon colorstay ultimate liquid lipstick
Shade: Regal Rose.
Price: £8.99
This liquid lipstick will give you the colour of a lipstick and add that gloss to it that
Victoria has going.

And your done.
You have a cheap and easy look like Victoria Justice.
Enjoy x

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Elf Haul :)

Hey dolls.
So this was my first ever order from elf. I ordered on the Thursday 24th February and they arrived today. The process was so simple and easy. They gave me an email and a text yesterday telling me my products have been shipped. So that was really helpful.
I didn't order much but I'm loving the products so far and I am concidering ordering more soon xD
Enjoy :)

This is there original $1 or £1.50 range (:

Name: Elf under eye concealer and highlighter.
Shade: Glow/ Light.
Price: £3.50
The packaging is kinda velvety (?) If that makes any sense.
And it looks super good.

Name: Elf Waterproof Eyeliner pen
Shade: Black
Price: £1.50
The reason I chose to get the waterproof eyeliner is because I hate it when my eyeliner smudges.
So I can't wait to try this.

The tip is so fine. I should be able to use this so easily :)

Name: Elf All over color stick
Shade: persimmon
Price £1.50
I've had a little play around with this and it looks so amazing.
It's got that amazing shine to it.

Can't wait to use it as a highlight .

Name: Elf contouring Blush and Bronzing powder.
Price: £3.50
Shade(s) Blushed / Bronzed
I was super excited about this item.

Everyone always says how this is the perfect dupe for Nars Orgasm and Laguna.
I can't wait to try it xD

Name: Shine Eraser
Price: £1.50

I get quite oily sometimes, so I thought I'd try these sheets.
There are 50 sheets. Which should last me quite a while.

Eeek so excited to use them.
Any questions. Feel free to leave them below xx

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