Thursday, 3 March 2011

Cheap Copycat: Victoria Justice

Loving this gorgeous look.
I have seen her wearing this lipcolour in several of her pictures.
Love it <3

Step 1:
Apply foundation:
Revlon colorstay
Victoria's skin looks so healthy and glowy.
This foundation does exactly that.

Step 2:
Set foundation:
Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying powder.
Price: £3.99
Shade: Translucent.
This translucent powder will not only set your foundation but it will also
make your foundation stay put. The dewyness of your foundation will still stay.

Step 3:

Add bronzer:
Elf Warm bronzer
Price: £3.50
Softly swipe this all over your face using the 3 and B motions.
This will give your face that tanned look Victoria is rocking.

Step 4:
Add blush:
Shade: Blushing Berry
Price: £7.99
Gently place this on the apples of your cheeks.
This will give you that natural flush of colour Victoria has.

Step 5:
Start on the eyes:
Maxfactor Max Effect Dip in eyeshadow.
Shade: 01 Ibiza sunrise.
Price: £5.99
Firstly place the first colour on the right all over the lid.
Secondly using a pencil brush apply the chocolate dark colour on to your crease and also take it up a little.
Make sure to blend out properly to avoid those harsh lines.
Finally apply the lightest shade on to your brow bone. To acheive the gorgeous highlight
Victoria has.

Step 6:

Add fake lashes:
Eylure Girls Aloud Lashes
Price: £5.11
Victoria has very separated lashes in this picture.
Cheryl naturally has separated lashes. So this will be perfect.

Step 7.
Add mascara:
Collection 2000 Big Fake False lash effect mascara.
Shade: Black
Price: £4.99
This mascara will emphasize your false lashes, still keeping them seperate.

Step 8:
Add Eyeliner:
Bourjois Smokey Eye Pencil
Shade: Intense Black
Price: £5.49
Apply the eyeliner roughly on the top lash line. And then smudge it using the smudger.
Then take the eyeliner and line the bottom lash line. Also add a little extra on the end of the
bottom lashline and smudge. This will give that smokey look Victoria has.

Step 9:
Add lip colour:
Revlon colorstay ultimate liquid lipstick
Shade: Regal Rose.
Price: £8.99
This liquid lipstick will give you the colour of a lipstick and add that gloss to it that
Victoria has going.

And your done.
You have a cheap and easy look like Victoria Justice.
Enjoy x

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