Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding 29.04.11

Hey there :)
I'm sure this event hasn't passed anybody. I actually watched it all and I thought it was amazing. The turnout was gorgeous.

They look so cute together. The balcony scene was so romantic and it really showed their unique love for eachother.

Kate looked absoloutly stunning in her  Alexander McQueen designed by Sarah Burton, it made her look more flattering then usual. I thought the dress was very modest and had class.

Stunning. Apparently she did her own make up too :)
She looked absoloutly amazing.

Even Kate herself was shocked to see the massive turnout.

I loved the whole ceromony .
Did you guys watch it?
What did you think about it?


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Your invitation to the Royal wedding

Hello everyone.
As you guys probably know the Royal wedding is only 2 days away. It's rather exciting. I thought I'd share a few royal wedding make up goodies :)

I'm loving the gorgeous Royal wedding collection by nails inc.
The very rich red nail colour is called Will Union Jack Crystal And the nude classy one is called Kate sapphire crystal and they are both now £13.50.

The next pack of nail pollishes are from the Royal Collection. This pack is only £22.50 which is a bargain for 4 Nails inc nail pollishes.

Sleek Make up glory eyedust will look gorgeous and very royal on the lids.

Or go for the union jack flag on the cheeks or on your lids using the Maybelline NY eye studio colour quad

I think the body shop limited addition lip balm is soo cute.

And you are ready to make a royal entrance and bag a prince :p
And finally get gorgeous royal lips using the collection 2000 volume sensation lipstick and top it off using the Revlon colourstay ultimate liquid lipstick.

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Sunday, 24 April 2011

The best eyeliner I've ever used

Hello lovely people
I am so excited to be doing this post. Eeek. My best friend would probably know exactly how excited I am
lol :)

I recently purchased Collection 2000's Extreme 24hour felt tip eyeliner. And I am in love with it. Completely.
It's just the best affordable felt tip eyeliner I have ever found. Usually my eyeliner application takes FORever. But when I used this eyeliner for the first time it was so easy and controlable. Usually I find it's hard to control liquid eyeliner and then I can't be bothered to redo my eyeliner because it's not even or it just looks completely wrong. However this eyeliner makes it so easy.

See how the tip looks so good. It feels so soft and unlike the ELF felt tip eyeliner it's tip doesn't drag your skin. This is crucial because it's really important to have a product that doesn't harm your skin. If the tip is hard it can pull the delicate skin around the eye causing premature wrinkles.

The best thing about this eyeliner is the formula. It stays on for so long ofcourse giving it's the 24hour eyeliner.

I really reccommend this eyeliner because it's easy for people like me who find it hard to line the upper lid. It's easy to control because it's like a felt tip pen and it's just like drawering.

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FYI: This product was not sent to me. I purchased it with my own money. Also this post is not sponsored.

Friday, 22 April 2011

My most worn blushers.

Hey dolls.
I thought I'd show you guys some of my most worn blushers.
I have been playing around with lots of different blushers.
When I was taking pictures for this post I realised most of my blushers are pinks. I only have one shocker.
Enjoyy :D


Brand: NYC
Shade: Central Park Pink

This is the blush that I tend to reach out for more. I like to use this blush for school only because the
shade is so subtle and it's really unnoticable.
This blusher just gives my skin a really natural flush of colour.


Brand: Natural Collection
Shade: Sweet cheeks

This is my second most worn blusher. Again this blush gives me such a nice hint of colour without making me look like I have too much on.
I'm only 16 so I don't want to be going craaazy. Lol.
But this blush is sooo pigmented and it's well worth it for under 2 pounds


Brand: Maybelline
Shade: pure nude.
(Unfortunately this blush is discontinued)

This was my first ever blush. I remember I never used to leave the house without using some.
This blush is such a nice rosy colour. It makes your skin look healthy and also really glowy.
I love this blush but I try to avoid using it as it is discontinued. :(


Brand: Bourjois
Shade: Lilas d'or

I bought this blush recently and I completely fell in love with it. It looks gorgeous on the skin, it's absoloutly
usable for night outs and parties. It's got a nice sheen to it.
But the reason it's my least worn is because it's got too much shimmers for me. But I still reach out for this most often for a night out or parties or occasions etc


Brand: GOSH
Shade: Juicy peach

This is my favourite blusher purchased. It's such a gorgeous vibrant colour. It is something I wouldn't possibly wear on a daily basis but it is something that I will be wearing only because peachy blushers are in this season :)
I also think I can pull it off.
Actually this was my 3rd most worn blusher at one time. But now I've decided to stay with the safe colours.

Here are some of the swatches:

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FYI: None of the companies mentioned above have paid me or sponsored this post.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Elf review

Hi dolls here is my opinions on the lovely elf goodies :)

This is the elf under eye concealer and highlighter.
So far this is my favourite item from ELF.
I love this concealer it makes my undereye circles dissapear.
The concealer also helps brighten the whole eye area. Love it.
Reccommended to everyone :)

This is the blush and bronzer compact
This product seems to be everyones fave but I'm not really a big fan of this.
It has too many shimmers for my liking.
But the bronzer/ contour section is ok the colour is really pigmented in both products.

This is the all over colour stick.
In persimmon.
I like this product. It has a good shimmer to it.
It looks amazing on the eyes.
But it's a bit dry to use as a highlight on the cheeks. But on the eyes it looks good.

I was surprised with the amount of product actually in this,
However I guess you can't complain for something which costs under 2pounds.

I like these oil blotting sheets.
They work amazingly. Removes all your oils perfectly.
These are so handy.

This is the waterproof eyeliner.
It's not really waterproof. I mean if you want to wipe it with water or something it comes off
pretty easily.
Also the tip is quite hard. And the formula dries up quite quickly.
I was so dissapointed with this product only because the first time I used it I loved it so much and then when I wanted to use it next nothing came out.
I hope you've enjoyed this review.

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Traveler much?

Hey Dolls :)
So recently I picked up this brush. I really wanted a brush which I could put in my handbag and use absoloutly anywhere. It's so hard to find a cheap compact brush. I was so glad to find this. If you love travelling and you love make up read on...

This is the Bare Minerals Refillable Buffing Brush.
This brush was only £22.00
Ok ok I know that's not the cheapest for a brush. But to find a refillable travel brush is very hard.
I think this brush is worth every penny.

Look how compact it is.
Again this brush isn't that small but it's refillable and so easy and comfortable to use.
It has a lid on it and so it is sanitary. Even if you don't want to take your whole make up bag
out with you, you can just throw your brush in your hand bag without having
to worry about the brush getting contaminated with germs.
 As you can see at the bottom there is a little pot to place your favourite loose powder in.
This means less to carry in your make up  bag :)

As all Bare Minerals brushes this brush is very full which means a better and even application.
At the bottom of the brush there are two buttons.
You just turn it to do what you want it to do :)
So the first turn is just the buffer. And the second turn, which is the final turn is the full buffer
with the product coming out.

This brush is not a very small brush. But you can't have it all. This brush isn't too heavy either.
I love just throwing it in my bag.
On a daily basis I would blot my face and then just use this brush with my translucent powder on the
end, to touch up.
Simple and easy.

What do you think?
Do you like this product?

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