Sunday, 24 April 2011

The best eyeliner I've ever used

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I am so excited to be doing this post. Eeek. My best friend would probably know exactly how excited I am
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I recently purchased Collection 2000's Extreme 24hour felt tip eyeliner. And I am in love with it. Completely.
It's just the best affordable felt tip eyeliner I have ever found. Usually my eyeliner application takes FORever. But when I used this eyeliner for the first time it was so easy and controlable. Usually I find it's hard to control liquid eyeliner and then I can't be bothered to redo my eyeliner because it's not even or it just looks completely wrong. However this eyeliner makes it so easy.

See how the tip looks so good. It feels so soft and unlike the ELF felt tip eyeliner it's tip doesn't drag your skin. This is crucial because it's really important to have a product that doesn't harm your skin. If the tip is hard it can pull the delicate skin around the eye causing premature wrinkles.

The best thing about this eyeliner is the formula. It stays on for so long ofcourse giving it's the 24hour eyeliner.

I really reccommend this eyeliner because it's easy for people like me who find it hard to line the upper lid. It's easy to control because it's like a felt tip pen and it's just like drawering.

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FYI: This product was not sent to me. I purchased it with my own money. Also this post is not sponsored.

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