Thursday, 14 April 2011

Elf review

Hi dolls here is my opinions on the lovely elf goodies :)

This is the elf under eye concealer and highlighter.
So far this is my favourite item from ELF.
I love this concealer it makes my undereye circles dissapear.
The concealer also helps brighten the whole eye area. Love it.
Reccommended to everyone :)

This is the blush and bronzer compact
This product seems to be everyones fave but I'm not really a big fan of this.
It has too many shimmers for my liking.
But the bronzer/ contour section is ok the colour is really pigmented in both products.

This is the all over colour stick.
In persimmon.
I like this product. It has a good shimmer to it.
It looks amazing on the eyes.
But it's a bit dry to use as a highlight on the cheeks. But on the eyes it looks good.

I was surprised with the amount of product actually in this,
However I guess you can't complain for something which costs under 2pounds.

I like these oil blotting sheets.
They work amazingly. Removes all your oils perfectly.
These are so handy.

This is the waterproof eyeliner.
It's not really waterproof. I mean if you want to wipe it with water or something it comes off
pretty easily.
Also the tip is quite hard. And the formula dries up quite quickly.
I was so dissapointed with this product only because the first time I used it I loved it so much and then when I wanted to use it next nothing came out.
I hope you've enjoyed this review.

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