Friday, 13 May 2011

Sigma Brushes: Large Angled contour F40


This is my favourite brush. It's the only brush I use for blush :)
This is the angled contour brush.  It is very easy to contour with
because of it's angled brush shape. The shape of the brush allows you to contour as easy as possible hitting
the colour at exactly the places you want.
This brush is so very soft and it feels amazing on the skin. It is so delicate it doesn't even feel like it puts
any pressure on the skin when using it.
I like using it for blush because it gives my blush some dimension and it shows off my cheek bones.
I use blusher to contour rather then bronzer.

What else this brush can be used for:
- Blush
- Bronzer
- Highlight.

You can purchase this brush here:

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