Friday, 17 June 2011

The 120 Eyeshadow Pallete

Hey guys, hope your all doing great.
Today I have a show and tell. I have finally caved in and purchased the 120 eyeshadow pallete.
I know everyone literally has it. But I'm really enjoying experimenting with different colours and shades and types of eyeshadows at the minute so I thought this would be a good purchase.
Also this would stop me from purchasing a ton of single eyeshadows so I would also save alot of money.

My Pallete is from a company called Beautify from Amazon. They have a wide variety of palletes, brushes, traincases, nail equipments etc.
Their products are priced in a really good range aswell.
Here is the link to purchase it 120 pallete

The Pallete itself is actually quite compact. It comes with two inserts.
This is the first insert.

The first insert is much more 'safer' then the second insert. I think all these colours could be wearable
if you wear it in the correct ways.

The second insert is the more colourful and vibrant colours.
Actually both inserts are. The word I'm looking for is....
More earthy tones (haha)

Also I don't know if this is an 'added bonus' or what but the shadows on the side of the second insert have this crackle effect to it. It doesn't effect the colour itself. I think it looks really cool :D

There are some shimmery colours and some matte ones.
These colours are super pigmented too.
Overall I think this pallete is well worth it for the price.
Also you have all the colours of the rainbow in place :)

When I ordered it, it was shipped the next day and came in 2 days. I was so happy
with the delivery rate.
I will be ordering from this company very soon.
Watch this space. Hahah.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review.

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Bye xx


  1. I got the 88 palette instead because I thought the 120 one had a lot of blues, and blue makes me look like a drag queen lol

  2. Hey hunny! Nice post. Where did you get that from? and how much was it? I must be the only blogger not to know about this! haha! xx

  3. @NailNewbie I'm planning on getting the warm pallete because of the same reason LOL.

    @Sadie I got it from amazon. By a company called Beautify. I have placed a link up now x


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