Saturday, 18 June 2011

Dress Like Spencer Hastings.

Hey dolls.
If you watch 'Pretty Little Liars' then you may know the new series has just come out. So I thought I'd do a inspired post... as you do.
I really love the show, it's very addictive. However it's sad that we're always late in the UK to watch it.
I've decided to do Spencer rather then the other 3 only because they are more popular and I feel lots of people have done them already.
The products that I have chosen are all from a company called They are an internet based company, very well known for their wide range and variety of shoes. They sell products of a wide variety of names and brands such as Diesel, Lipsy, Calvin Klein  and many more. The good thing about this store is that you can purchase everything from one store because they do everything. They have a sale on right now. So be sure to check it out if you need some new clothes for your summer wardrobe. P.s. they do free shipping *Happy Dance*

Spencer usually goes for the more laid back look. I like this outfit because it's very ordinary but it's still very sophisticated looking.
I loved her cardigan that is the focal point of this outfit. I've chosen a similar looking one by ESPRIT I think it looks really nice especially the detailing. The next item is just an average shirt. I've used an inexpensive one by vero moda. I think the shirt can be very versitile and be worn with anything. The next item is also your average black leggings. It's really simple. Then from what I can make of it she's wearing nude pointy shoes. I think this goes with the theme of nudes again. I've just gone for the classic heels by Tamaris. Finally she's completed the look with a little black signiture item. I've chosen a black Diesel bracelet.
This outfit is perfect for when your just running errands or a day at school.

Have fun with this look :D
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