Tuesday, 19 July 2011

5 ways to tackle the maxi.

Hey dolls. Hope everyones doing fantastic :)
Today I will be showing you the different ways to wear the maxi dress.
In my opinion I think maxi dresses are the best creations ever. Hahah.
They are so easy to handle and you can practically wear them anyhow.

1. My favourite way to wear the maxi is with a denim jacket. Any denim jacket will do. I think the jacket just gives it a refreshing look. Pull the sleaves up and accersorise with a small classy bracelet.

2. The second way you can wear it is with a pair of gorgeous shoes. Make the shoes the highlight of the look. I've chosen these coral wedges. Coral is really in now. You can lift up your dress a little and make your shoes the highlight.

3. Another way to wear it, is by leaving the maxi plain. But accersorise with jewellery. Big statement necklaces and colour blocking bangles and bracelets. This will deffinately give your dress a more dressed up look.

4. You can always pair your maxi with different colour belts. I like using very bright and big belts. But you can go for whatever colour you like.

5. The last and final way to wear the maxi dress is.... on it's own. It's a simple elegant look. It's also less maintenance. Just pair with a bag.

Those are my tips for you. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Don't forget to:
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  1. Great post hun, so happy to see that you would style a maxi dress with the dark turquoise necklace from The Jewels Boutique :) xxx



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