Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My Summer Essentials

Hey guys!
Hope you guys are doing good.
Today I will be sharing some products I really reccommend for summer.  Hope it's helpful :D

My number one most reccommended item for summer is a tinted moisturiser. I just feel wearing a foundation is too heavy, sometimes it feels like it's melting off my skin. I really like the one by Nivea Visage It leaves a very light feel to the skin, with a touch of colour. In my opinion summer is all about loving yourself. Forget about your flaws, don't waste too much time slapping your face with make up because your make up is going to feel like a liability. The heat will make your skin feel like it's coming off. Hahah. So fuss free make up all the way :D
The next product is a waterproof mascara. Any waterproof mascara will do. I like the 17 waterproof mascara because it's cheap and it also does the trick. Waterproof mascara is really good in the summer when your costantly near the sea.
Ok so I know I just said don't slap a whole load on your face for summer. But I understand that some people feel confident with a full face of make up. So for all you beauties. I reccommend the Elf Studio MakeUp Mist and Set This product will keep your make up going for as long as you do.
The next product is just a handy lip product. Like our body our lips can get sun burnt too. This Palmers Coco butter lip balm will protect your lips from getting burnt. It has a wooping SPF15 so you can have your lips protected and moisturised.
I have also added a bronzer to this list because I understand lots of people love that golden look for summer. I reccommend The Rimmel Natural Bronzing Powder This bronzer will give you a healthy natural looking flush of colour. It's also got an SPF8.
The last product on my list is a pack of shine erasers. Summer can be a time where your constantly getting unwanted shine on your face. These little hand ELF shine erasers are so cute. They are also small enough to fit in your bag.

Thats all my summer essentials.
I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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P.s. Tell me what your summer essentials are :D


  1. Super helpful post :) The elf shine erasers look good, might try them out xxxx

  2. Thank you :D
    Yes the shine erasers do look very good :)


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