Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Trendy Tuesday Tip: Ran out of eyeshadow primer?

Hey dolls!
I know lots of people use a primer to increase the life of their eyeshadow and also to stop it from creasing.
But what happens when you don't have any?

Well I reccommend you to use your concealer:

It gives you an even base to work with.
To make concealer work like a primer and actually hold your eyeshadow, just apply some translucent powder over the concealer.
And there you have it, your very own emergency primer.

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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Soap And Glory: Big Butter Blueberry Thrill Body Butter.

Hey dolls, Hope you lot are doing amazing.
Today I am going to be doing a review on a fab product that I've been using for a couple of weeks now.
If you follow me on twitter then you might have heard me rave about this product ALOT.

This is my new love!
I've always had a thing for Soap and Glory products.
I mean who doesn't love a little bit of a luxorious product smothered on them?
My fave thing about Soap and Glory has to be their packaging. It's so cute and vintage - chic like.

About the butter:
This butter is very thick and moisturising. I wouldn't really be using a body butter in the summer because my skin is much more oiler. But as you know, the UK hasn't really had that much sun lately. So my skin has been going dry alot.
This butter is like a rescue butter. It's really intensive and feels really smooth when applied.
The smell is absoloutly divine. It smells like starbursts .. the chewy fruit sweets.
It contains 5 fruit mix, which explains the fruity smell and also helps in the intensive moisturising.
This butter is actually quite expensive going on for £9.19.
However if you need smooth skin in an instant then the Big Butter Blueberry Thrill Body Butter is for you. It is so worth it especially when you get a wooping 300ml in one tub :D
My winter must have!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.
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Monday, 22 August 2011

Back To School: Bag to school

Hey everyone! Hope your all well.
Today I'm talking about my fave topic BAGS!
I personally love bags and you can never have too many or too little.
For back to school I myself prefer a good sized tote.
 I am going to be showing you three types of bags which I reccommend for your specific need.
Which bag will suit your purpose?

What to think about when buying a bag for school:

1) How many things will you be carrying in your bag? If you are someone that has 6 lessons a day and need at least 4 books to be carried around throughout the day. Then you need a good reliable bag. Which actually has space for everything. I reccommend a good backpack for people who are in this situation.

McKenzie Adalade Back Pack
JD sport.

Backpacks are super roomy and they contain no health hazard with them. The weight of your books will all be balanced out.

2) What will you be carrying in your bag? If your someone who doesn't really carry books in your bag because you leave them at a school locker. Then I reccommend a cute little tote bag. This way there is enough space for the books to be carried around for a short period of time and your still rocking.

Drawstring flower print shopper.

Tote bags like this one may look a little flimsy. This is because they are created to look cute and not to carry a lot of things.

3) Everything put together. If your someone who has to carry a lot of books but you still want something that looks cute. Then I suggest you get an in-trend tote that will do you justice, like this one.

Utility canvas bag
Forever 21.
I love how this one looks so gorgeous and also looks reliable. It has a long strap and a short strap. The pockets in the front will allow easy access to things such as, pens, bus tickets, money for lunch etc.

Those are my tips for a good bag for school.
I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful.

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Back To School: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Hey dolls!
It's nearly time to go back to school or any form of education. I honestly am scared to start my new sixth form, however I love to shop for back to school :)

One of the main things I really can't stress enough is shoes!
We all have hundreds and hundreds but when it comes to smart, casual and comfortable welack. Don't worry I'm in the same boat too.
I reccommend everyone to buy a specific pair of shoes that will be suitable for school or any formal occasions. I will be giving you lovelies, some tips and reccommendations which, I hope help.

What to do when shoe shopping:

1) Know what shoes will be suitable for your school. If your school allows you to wear multi coloured shoes then go for it. But I believe many schools here in the UK have a strict rule for black shoes. It goes with all the uniforms and it looks more elegant. So when shoe shopping step away from the gorgeous red pair of heels and walk towards a nice black pair.

2) Make sure the shoes you buy are comfortable. You will be in your shoes from the start of the morning till the late afternoon. You need something that will stay with you and make you WANT to stay on your toes. The best time to understand if a pair of shoes are comfortable are at the end of your shopping journey. This way you will have been walking as you would in school and your feet will be a little agitated, if the pair of shoes feels snug and fits like a glove, then it's a winner.

3) The last and most important tip is make sure the shoes will last you long. I know when people walk into Primark and see all those cute ballet flats you can't resist. But your just going to have to. Primark do have very nice shoes. but honestly it isn't the most reliable. The pair you buy from Primark will only last 6 days wheras if you buy a more pricier pair you will be guranteed they will last for 6 months.

I really hope you take these tips on board whilst shopping for school shoes :)

Here are 3 types of shoes that you can go for:

1) The infamous ballet pumps.
Most people go for this type. They look smart and they feel so comfortable.
I reccommend these for everyone who wants a bit of style and sensibility on there feet.
Most schools will allow these because they are simple and go with any uniform.

2) The Brogue
This is in trend, Comfortable for some and also gives your a height a little boost.
I reccommend these shoes for those who want a simple fuss free pair.
Again this pair will be allowed in most schools.

3) Here come the heels
So this pair is for the more older girls. Those who have just left school for college.
This can also be worn by those who find heels comfortable.
I reccommend these type of shoes for those who want an added boost and burst of style in their outfits.
I'm not sure if many schools allow this type of footwear however many colleges allow you to wear what ever you want.

Those are my trips and tricks you can consider whilst back to school shoe shopping.
I really hope this post was helpful. If there are any questions just leave them below.

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Clouds Are Pink's First birthday.

I cannot beleive it has been ONE whole year of blogging. It went so quickly I didn't even realise until recently, to be precise last Sunday haha.
I remember starting this account on March 2010 and then after 5 months of reading a loving other peoples blogs I decided to finally start mine on August 14 2010.
When I finally started blogging I didn't really understand the concept of followers or anything I just thought people would just read. This year I've been really into my blog. I've gained a few followers which has made me love blogging even more.

Here are some FAQs to get things straight :D

1) Why do some of your images have the url: http://fashionandbeautyloves.blogspot.com on them?
I get this question alot! The thing is, when I first started out blogging I really didn't have a clue about anything. I just came out with a name that at the time sounded good. But then I realised that name is too long and not that good. So then I came up with http://cloudsarepink.blogspot.com/

2) How did you get the name for your blog?
Funny story: One day I was revising for my exams and that and then I was watching the sky and it was a gorgeous Pinky colour. I fell in love and there and then I realised that would be perfect!

3) Who are your favourite bloggers?
Ooh I have soo many!
I am mostly inspired by Zoe from http://schoee.blogspot.com/
Her blog is just to DIE for. I love everything about it and she's such a wonderful girl. Check her out.

4) How did you get your image header?
I got the picture from tumblr and then I just adjusted it and put some text on it by using Photobucket :D

Thats all for now. If you have any other questions just leave them in the comments or Tweet me :D

Thank you guys so much for reading and giving response over the past year, It really means alot.
I cannot wait to have another amazing year with my loveliesss :)


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Collective Haul: FT Primark, Monsoon, Newlook...

Hey dolls!
Hope you guys are doing amazing, How's your summer going?

Today I have a collective haul for you. These are just things I bought in the past and never got to do a haul on them. It was also requested on twitter.
If you have any requests leave them here, or on twitter :D

From H&M I bought these two cardigans. They are really soft and I love the colours.
I think these cardigans will come really handy for college.
Both in size small and they are
both £9.99.

From New Look I just bought shoes.
This is the first pair. I'm not really a fan of the lace up Brogues but I really like this 'ballet flat' design.
I love it because it looks really feminine. It's also really comfortable to walk in.
This was from the sales and it was £10 again really good for college, interviews or anything really.

This is the next pair. These are wedges and I love wedges because not only do they give your height a boost but it's pain free. These are a tan colour, they are real suede so you have to be careful because of the rain.
But I really like it and think these will last a while. Again perfect for college and really comfortable.
These were also from the sales and these were £8 mad right?

Then from Primark I bought this cardigan. I think it's really in with the nautical trend. It's 1/4 legnth sleeves. I really like the buttons, they have a nice detailing on them.
This was £6.

I also bought this ring. I love the turqouise colour and it is a bit on the big side. My little cousins call it the 'egg' ring, haha.
This was £2 I believe or it could be £2.50 :/

I also picked up these bracelets. They are both sold seperately. I love these type of bracelets. There easy to pair with anything.
The purple one was on sale for £1 and the Turqouise-ey one was for £1.50 I believe.

I love this ring, I had seen one on the DollyBowBow site and everytime I went to order it, it would always be out of stock :( 
But I finally found it in Superdrugs of all places for about £2 ish (?)

I purchased this from Accessorize. I love it. It's like a safety pin design buckle. You can put it on your bag or on your clothes. Really nice.
This was £2.50 in the sales.

Finally I purchased this bag from Monsoon. I love it. It's nude and it's like a duffle bag type. It's space inside is huge. It has a long strap for people who prefer to wear it across the body and short for people who prefer to carry it on their shoulders.
I love the buckle design and the pinky nude colour really gives it a feminine look.
This was £16 in the sales.

Well thats my haul.
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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Trendy Tuesday Tip: Get Matte Lips

Hey dolls!
Today I will be sharing with you, how to perfect the matte lip.
I think this looks really sexy with bold colours. It's super easy and gives the look a much more classier feel to it.

All you will need for this is your favourite bold lip colour and a powder.
Yes that is all.

1) Apply your desired lipstick colour.
2) Using your ring finger apply some pressed powder gently in a patting motion onto your lips on top of the lipstick.

There you have it, Bold, matte lips :D

Hope this helped!
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