Monday, 22 August 2011

Back To School: Bag to school

Hey everyone! Hope your all well.
Today I'm talking about my fave topic BAGS!
I personally love bags and you can never have too many or too little.
For back to school I myself prefer a good sized tote.
 I am going to be showing you three types of bags which I reccommend for your specific need.
Which bag will suit your purpose?

What to think about when buying a bag for school:

1) How many things will you be carrying in your bag? If you are someone that has 6 lessons a day and need at least 4 books to be carried around throughout the day. Then you need a good reliable bag. Which actually has space for everything. I reccommend a good backpack for people who are in this situation.

McKenzie Adalade Back Pack
JD sport.

Backpacks are super roomy and they contain no health hazard with them. The weight of your books will all be balanced out.

2) What will you be carrying in your bag? If your someone who doesn't really carry books in your bag because you leave them at a school locker. Then I reccommend a cute little tote bag. This way there is enough space for the books to be carried around for a short period of time and your still rocking.

Drawstring flower print shopper.

Tote bags like this one may look a little flimsy. This is because they are created to look cute and not to carry a lot of things.

3) Everything put together. If your someone who has to carry a lot of books but you still want something that looks cute. Then I suggest you get an in-trend tote that will do you justice, like this one.

Utility canvas bag
Forever 21.
I love how this one looks so gorgeous and also looks reliable. It has a long strap and a short strap. The pockets in the front will allow easy access to things such as, pens, bus tickets, money for lunch etc.

Those are my tips for a good bag for school.
I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful.

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