Sunday, 7 August 2011

Collective Haul: FT Primark, Monsoon, Newlook...

Hey dolls!
Hope you guys are doing amazing, How's your summer going?

Today I have a collective haul for you. These are just things I bought in the past and never got to do a haul on them. It was also requested on twitter.
If you have any requests leave them here, or on twitter :D

From H&M I bought these two cardigans. They are really soft and I love the colours.
I think these cardigans will come really handy for college.
Both in size small and they are
both £9.99.

From New Look I just bought shoes.
This is the first pair. I'm not really a fan of the lace up Brogues but I really like this 'ballet flat' design.
I love it because it looks really feminine. It's also really comfortable to walk in.
This was from the sales and it was £10 again really good for college, interviews or anything really.

This is the next pair. These are wedges and I love wedges because not only do they give your height a boost but it's pain free. These are a tan colour, they are real suede so you have to be careful because of the rain.
But I really like it and think these will last a while. Again perfect for college and really comfortable.
These were also from the sales and these were £8 mad right?

Then from Primark I bought this cardigan. I think it's really in with the nautical trend. It's 1/4 legnth sleeves. I really like the buttons, they have a nice detailing on them.
This was £6.

I also bought this ring. I love the turqouise colour and it is a bit on the big side. My little cousins call it the 'egg' ring, haha.
This was £2 I believe or it could be £2.50 :/

I also picked up these bracelets. They are both sold seperately. I love these type of bracelets. There easy to pair with anything.
The purple one was on sale for £1 and the Turqouise-ey one was for £1.50 I believe.

I love this ring, I had seen one on the DollyBowBow site and everytime I went to order it, it would always be out of stock :( 
But I finally found it in Superdrugs of all places for about £2 ish (?)

I purchased this from Accessorize. I love it. It's like a safety pin design buckle. You can put it on your bag or on your clothes. Really nice.
This was £2.50 in the sales.

Finally I purchased this bag from Monsoon. I love it. It's nude and it's like a duffle bag type. It's space inside is huge. It has a long strap for people who prefer to wear it across the body and short for people who prefer to carry it on their shoulders.
I love the buckle design and the pinky nude colour really gives it a feminine look.
This was £16 in the sales.

Well thats my haul.
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  1. so many nice things!

  2. Love the black ballet shoes, my best friend had them in brown, but she literally wore massive holes in the bottom of them, i have a hilarious pic of her holding them up to her face with her eyes poking through lol :P :)

  3. LOL! That just shows how comfortable these shoes are :D


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