Sunday, 4 September 2011

Back To School: Haul & Organisation tips

Hey dolls!
I start college tomorrow so I went into town today ( and bought a couple of things.
Enjoy x

Four binders.
I bought four because I'm doing four subjects. 
In these I will have plastic wallets and dividers. 
I also have plain ruled paper for note making.

I am going to put these in my binders. 
It will separate the different topics in the subjects, this will make it easier when revising.

For note making.

A4 Folio.
I will have this in my bag everyday. It will have my important hand outs etc. 
At the end of the day when I come home I will have all my papers together.

What's in my pencil case?

3 sectioned pencil case.
I bought this pencil case in year 7 but just used it for a year or so. 
It has three sections which makes it easier for you when your in a rush and your looking for a specific thing.

In one pocket I have my colourful, fun pens, which come in handy when note taking and revision.
In the middle section I just have an eraser and a correction tape.
Finally in the last section I just have two of my favorite pens to write with and a mechanical pencil.

That is it to my back to school series. 
I hope you found these posts useful and informative.
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Also good luck on your first day back to school/ college/ uni...



  1. I have been so last minute in organising things for school this year! I took a trip to wilkos too to grab my last minute supplies!! xx


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