Thursday, 27 October 2011

And tell me if I lie down, would you stay now?

Hey dolls!
Hope your all well!
Today I just have a tag for you. I didn't really know what to call it, so obviously as you do I just took out my fave lyric from the song I'm listening to now :D
Enjoy x

Be honest, who texted you last?  My Brother
Do you sleep with your door open or closed? Nearly fully closed.
Did anyone see your last kiss?  hmm…

Do you drink tea? Too much if you ask me ;)
Have you ever kissed someone older than you? Yes 
Do you have plans for tomorrow? Nope.
Whats worse: dry skin or chapped lips? Chapped lips. 
Would you be suprised if your parents had another baby together? Hahah too right!

Would you rather go to California or Canada? California :D
Do you want to get married? Yep, one day.
Are you wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants or pjs? Sweatpants.

Last person you told a secret too? Bestie 
What are you listening too at the moment? Ed Sheeran – Little bird <3

Where was the last place you fell asleep other than your bed? Nan’s house
Do you think someone has feelings for you?  Don’t know :s
Is there someone you believe you'll always be attached too? Yes

Are relationships really worth it? Yes. 
Do you believe in love? Of course. 
When was the last time you saw your father? 10 minutes ago
When did you last hold hands with someone? A couple of days ago.

 Have any memories you'd like to forget? Some. 
Is there someone you really like to hang out with and just talk about stuff?  yeeps
Do you think teenagers can be in love?  I guess so. If you  know what you’re feeling, then who can stop you?

 How fast does your mood change? Em.. Recently very fast.        
Do you have any condoms in your room? No 

Do you need to say something to someone? Yes.
Would you say you’re an understanding person? I try to be.
Would you date someone taller than you? Yeeps
Do you really, truly miss someone right now? I can’t explain how much right now.
How's your heart been lately? Pretty good really.
What makes you laugh? Tumblr gifs.
Why did you last smile? When I watched the Middle :D 
Who was the last person you cried infront of? Mummy
Do you listen to songs when your down? Yes
Are you talkative?  Not at first. But when you get to know me, You will want  me to shut up.

Are you keeping a big secret right now? Not really.
Were you single last summer? Yeahh. 

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