Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lush-tastic boot-licious surprise sprinkled with monkeys.

Hey everyone!
It's official I am no longer sweet sixteen. I am now and have been for a month 17.
Why has it taken nearly a month to post this?
Well because when I did turn 17, I wasn't really... excited.
I don't really know. I didn't do anything last month apart from go out with the family. 
The real celebrations happen with my friends. So because of college etc we had to delay it till this month.
However better late than never...
So I'm now 17. Legal to driveeee. Can't wait to get myself behind the steering wheel.

For my birthday my friends and I went to an American Diner.
It was absoloutly amazing. 
I loved having all my close friends with me. :D

I didn't take many snaps but here are a few blog worthy...

Now to the presents.
I wasn't really expecting presents this year.
However my family mostly gave me money, vouchers etc
But my lovely friends decided to spoil me...

They Know Me Too Well  XD

And finally... The present that made all presents!!!

Meet Munkay!
He is my favourite cuddly little man!
My friends know that I am obsessed with monkeys. I love them.
So obviously as friends do they bought me this little fella.
And I love him. 
Not very adventurous with naming things I know. But the munkay is a bit of a private joke between the bestie and I.
When you call him you have to say MUNKAY. Yes loudly.
(This is what happens after I drink coca cola....)

I know this post was late.
But I hope you enjoyed it and I will be back with my usual beauty ramblings before you know it
Until then....

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P.s. Credits go to the bestie for the 'inspiring' title.
It beats... 
17 birthday outing and haul, any day :D


  1. hey! love your header banner picture!:) following you now! would love if you follow back!


  2. Hey! That Lush stuff looks so cute, heard good things about it so may be tempted to invest myself! Looks like you had a lovely birthday, 17 is still so young lol!

    Happy belated birthday! <3

    ~ Lauren


  3. Happy Belated Birthday!
    aww that monkey is So cute :P


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