Sunday, 13 November 2011

ELF: Lucious Liquid Lipstick

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Today I will be sharing my thoughts on the ELF luscious liquid lipsticks. This was my first time trying this little beauty. And I must say I am impressed.

ELF luscious liquid lipstick
Shade: Raspberry
Price: £1.50

The lip colour you can see in the picture is exactly the colour you get on your lips. This lip product is so moisturizing. It feels like a lip balm when you apply it. Before you use this for the first time you have to make sure you twist it for about 12 times I believe. It says on the package in really tiny writing, I mean I hardly noticed it.  
I love the fact that the colour stays on my lips for quite a long time. I feel I only need to reapply this only when the shine goes, other than that the colour sticks on my lips. I had to re check the website to see if this product was from the studio line. But it's from the original 1.50 range. Which I was really surprised about. The quality is amazing! It has this gorgeous bubble gum smell too. 
I would recommend this to everyone who loves great lip products, but doesn't enjoy re-applying again and again.

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  1. I love this range of lip products too! I really like the shade Pink Lemonade. I find that the wear is really even which is good for me as I do hate re-applying! x

  2. Hi I have given you the versatile blogger award go and check it out on my newest blogpost!


  3. Never tried anything from ELF before, I'm tempted though... especially as there's a whole new line of lipsticks out :) xo

  4. Theres a first for everything! And ooh new lipsticks.. I must see this :D


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