Saturday, 31 December 2011


Hey dolls!
Wow one whole year over and done with. This year went too fast and I'm sure lots of people would agree.
2011 was a very busy year for me.

Things I did:
- Completed my GCSE's
- Went to Prom
- Got my results
- Started College
- Met so many new people
- Gained my own independence
- Found out who my real friends were
- Blogged more then the past year
- Really started building my make up collection
- Became more aware of the world around me
- Stopped being all "me, me, me" 

That was really my year, summed up. I loved 2011. There really weren't that many down's. And I don't hope to remember them. I only wish to take the good memories with me.
So next year I hope to accomplish a lot of things.

I've always loved reading from a very young age. But then due to less time 
I slowly drifted away from books. 
But recently thanks to IBooks I can now read any book my heart desires and anywhere I like. 
I've already started reading again. But I really want to read more in the new year.
I'm open to all books, so if you have any good ones, be sure to leave me some names :)

I want to feel more confident with who I am. I want to be able to go out and enjoy life as my self.

Pretty self explanatory.
I want to do up my own place and make it clutter free. 

I would really LOVE to blog lots more. I've been such a rubbish blogger lately. 
Promise I shall have more posts in the new year...

And finally I really want to take lots of pictures.
I want to capture all my memories of the year. I've realized in the past year 
I haven't really taken much pictures.
And this year I want to be more creative, I want to edit pictures and just in general
take more pictures of every moment and capture my memories.
Hopefully next year I will have more of my own pictures to put up in the end of next year post
and share with you guys my year :D

That's my new year plans.
What are your plans?
Maybe do a post and leave your links below for me to check out?

Thank you guys for really paying attention to my blog the past year. It really makes me happy to
see people reading and enjoying my posts.
I have everybody has an amazing New Year.

See you next year :D


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dress Like Pixie Lott.

Hey Dolls!
Today I have another dress like post. Today's one is going to be on Pixie Lott! I absoloutly love her. She is also someone who inspires me.
For this outfit I have adjusted it a little here and there. The outfit is not completely same, but it's quite similar. I've added a twist to make it wearable for the festive occasions :D

Pixie's dress looks like a chiffon material which has a peter pan collar already. However I thought for the 
festive season just to jazz it up a bit we could add more glitters.
 I've chosen this gorgeous necklace which can be worn on top of the basic white dress. The collar will make the whole dress look expensive and classy. 

In my opinion I think the riding boots would do, if you chose to wear this outfit casually. However for a night out or the festive season you could add a nice pair of heels to give you that added boost. 

For accessories I didn't want to over do it with another necklace. However Pixie has worn a few necklaces, which may have been because her outfit was meant for casual wear. So for the recreated outfit I wouldn't really add any other necklaces, but you could if you wanted to.Make sure to only go for small pieces because the collar and the necklace may make the outfit look too busy.

In the picture I also noticed that Pixie had a really nice statement ring. From what I could make of it, it looked like it was a turquoise-y, jade colour. So I added a ring which was around that colour. You can also go for many different colours because the collar reflects several colours. Mostly pinks, navy blues etc. 

For bags I would pair the outfit with a little gold clutch, this is because the collar has gold reflexes to it and the
clutch would be like a statement piece from the look. The slouchy bag Pixie has will again be suitable for casual outfits.

Get The Look:

And there you have it. A fully recreated look!!
This look would be perfect for festive occasions, night outs, birthdays. Anything really.

I hope this post helps you..
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I really wanted to do more festive posts, but sadly I haven't really had the time.
Merry Christmas to all you beautiful people out there, may you receive everything you've wished for.


Sunday, 11 December 2011

What to buy her for Christmas

Hey guys!!
It's that time of year again. I love this time of year, Christmas lights everywhere and people generally being in a good mood!
Today I will be giving you some tips on what to buy your friends, girlfriends, wives, mothers and also your sisters.

Soap And Glory
Soaper Heroes gift set.
p.s. soap and glory are 3for2 in boots right now
Spoil her! 

Planning on whisking her away this Christmas?
Even if your not this little beauty will be a treat in disguise!
This gift set has everything a girl could wish for. It's a rescue in a box. 
She can pamper herself after a long hard day at work or even get straight into it after that all
busy day of Christmas running around.

 Chunky liners.
p.s. all gifts are 3 for 2 at superdrugs right now.

If she's a beauty addict then she wouldn't mind finding these in her stocking. 
These are beautiful eyeliner's which can give any look a pop of colour. And best of all she won't get bored of it because she has 6 shades to spoil herself with.

Touch Of Pink Gift Set

Show me a lady who doesn't like smelling good!
This perfume set will be perfect for those who love a bit of light fragrance.
This will be perfect for daytime or evening wear. Also comes with body lotion and shower gel.

Liz Earle
Pampering Hand Treat

This is for those who love good skin care!
It comes with a hand wash, hand repair cream and a super balm. It will leave her hands feeling soft
and moisturized.


And finally a gift for all!
Good cozy pyjamas.
You cannot go wrong with these. Go for good quality, which she can go back to every year.

And that's all my gift ideas for HER!
I hope you guys found this post interesting!

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