Sunday, 18 December 2011

Dress Like Pixie Lott.

Hey Dolls!
Today I have another dress like post. Today's one is going to be on Pixie Lott! I absoloutly love her. She is also someone who inspires me.
For this outfit I have adjusted it a little here and there. The outfit is not completely same, but it's quite similar. I've added a twist to make it wearable for the festive occasions :D

Pixie's dress looks like a chiffon material which has a peter pan collar already. However I thought for the 
festive season just to jazz it up a bit we could add more glitters.
 I've chosen this gorgeous necklace which can be worn on top of the basic white dress. The collar will make the whole dress look expensive and classy. 

In my opinion I think the riding boots would do, if you chose to wear this outfit casually. However for a night out or the festive season you could add a nice pair of heels to give you that added boost. 

For accessories I didn't want to over do it with another necklace. However Pixie has worn a few necklaces, which may have been because her outfit was meant for casual wear. So for the recreated outfit I wouldn't really add any other necklaces, but you could if you wanted to.Make sure to only go for small pieces because the collar and the necklace may make the outfit look too busy.

In the picture I also noticed that Pixie had a really nice statement ring. From what I could make of it, it looked like it was a turquoise-y, jade colour. So I added a ring which was around that colour. You can also go for many different colours because the collar reflects several colours. Mostly pinks, navy blues etc. 

For bags I would pair the outfit with a little gold clutch, this is because the collar has gold reflexes to it and the
clutch would be like a statement piece from the look. The slouchy bag Pixie has will again be suitable for casual outfits.

Get The Look:

And there you have it. A fully recreated look!!
This look would be perfect for festive occasions, night outs, birthdays. Anything really.

I hope this post helps you..
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I really wanted to do more festive posts, but sadly I haven't really had the time.
Merry Christmas to all you beautiful people out there, may you receive everything you've wished for.



  1. Great post love the collar necklace! x

    1. Me too. I think it's just so gorgeous and sparkly :D x


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