Saturday, 24 November 2012

Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation and Concealer

Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing good. The holiday season is here. How fast has this year gone?
Happy holidays everyone :D

Today I will be sharing my views on some infamous products from Collection (used to be called Collection 2000)
Collection cosmetics is well known for their amazing quality drugstore foundation and concealer. These products are loved and cherished by many women and purses around the country.

Lasting perfection foundation.
For a drugstore product I think the packaging is very professional and actually looks good. It looks much more expensive then it is. The packaging is made of glass and the lid is plastic. It also has a pump. When I purchase foundations I steer towards the ones that have pumps because it makes it easier to control the product and less product is wasted.

This foundation is oil free with an SPF 20. It is 16 hour wear which means the product itself is quite thick. This is a full coverage foundation. I'm not one to go for foundations which are oil free and of heavy consistency however before I purchased this foundation I wasn't too sure of my skin type. Once I purchased this foundation I didn't have a good relationship with it and now I know it's because my skin is awfully dry. However I have figured out a way to work with it.


When I use this product I mix it with my Simple Kind to skin, replenishing rich moisturiser. And so the foundation becomes more usable, the consistency becomes lighter and the coverage becomes more buildable. I have also realised that the finish becomes more natural. I find by using my foundation this way I have no trouble with it and it does the trick.

I love this foundation because it is long wearing, perfect for those who are out and about all the time. Those with oily skin will have a treat with using this foundation.

Something that I think most people miss when using this foundation is the 'Shake well before use' sign. I realised if I don't use this foundation for a couple of days and then go back to using it, it sets and so the product comes out a bit clumpy and when this happens you do not get a nice finish. So always remember to shake the bottle well before use.

Collection Lasting perfection concealer.

Now the concealer, as you can see it is well loved. I know EVERYONE is so thankful to collection for coming out with this product. It is an amazing quality concealer minus the price tag. It is really a steal. The formulation of the product allows it to glide on softly. And again this product is long wearing. Sometimes I find myself using this product on it's own and then add a bit of powder and I'm ready to go. That's how good the coverage is.

Collection have really done well with these two products. The shade range isn't too bad for drugstore, however I think they can bring out more shades for darker skin tones. Other then that these two products are really a steal, with high end quality but doesn't leave a big empty chunk in your purse.

And those are my thoughts on this product.
I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

What I've been up to #2

Hi everyone, how are you all doing?
I haven't done a catch up post in a while, so I thought I'd let you guys know what I've been up to.

- Firstly I'm back at sixth form for my 2nd and hopefully final year. Still continuing with my A-Levels. Everything's a little too hectic right now because of all the Uni applications etc. But I'm getting there... slowly.

- The colder seasons are back, and I love this time of year, although it's pretty cold in the mornings and it's nearly impossible to get out of bed. However I just love having a candle burning whilst getting ready in the mornings. Just gives it a more warmer feeling.

- Also because the mornings are so cold, I've invested in a few chunky knitted cardigans. They feel so cuddly and keep me so warm throughout the day. Here's my fave from Primark.

- I was tidying a few bits around my room, when I came across this. So many good tips and tricks. And so many cute looks I want to recreate :D

- Recently I've been in love with Tumblr . It has become quite an addiction. So many pretty picturesssss.
If you have tumblr, please leave links below. I would love to have a good snoop.

- Here's a little gem I've purchased over the weekend. I needed something to hold my most used make up items. And I saw this on the WHsmith website and just needed it! It's just sitting on top of my IKEA MALM  6 drawer chest. And it just keeps everything tidy and less cluttered. 
And on top I just have my brushes in these really cute tins from IKEA and a little mirror and some of my daily perfumes.

- I know I have been lacking on the Blogger world recently, but I've been doing my fair share of tweeting. So head on over and follow me for daily updates.

- Finally I am so excited for this month because of  the return of The X Factor, The vampire diaries and (screeech) Gossip girrrrrl! EEEEKs sooo excited!

And that is what I've been up to lately.
Hopefully lots more posts to come soon.
Please give me some requests so I have something to work around.
Oh and I hope you guys like the new layout of my blog. I just went more simple so it's easier to navigate.

194 FOLLOWERS?! Insane, Thank you guys so, so much it means the world to me.
Giveaway coming shortly....

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid

Hi dolls! Hope you guys are doing good.
Today I will be sharing with you my experiences with the Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation. I have heard so many good things about it, so have decided to give it a go.
Hope you enjoy x

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid
Shade: Sun Beige
(MAC NC35- 40)
Price: £7.99
I decided to purchase this foundation because I wanted something for everyday use, yet I didn't want the horrible heavy feeling.

This is exactly what I get from this foundation. 
The texture of this foundation is so light, almost as if it's weightless. It doesn't feel like it's clogging up my skin which is also a good thing. 
Another bonus point is the price, at just under £8.00 I think it's a real steal.
I love the fact how I can have it on for ages but still it doesn't give me that uncomfortable feeling. 

I love this foundation because it has amazing coverage. 
Before I started using this foundation I had a bit of a break out, you know the usual time of the month break out. And this foundation managed to conceal my imperfections. I hardly find myself using concealer when I'm using this foundation, however if you have those red pimples on your face then I'd suggest applying a concealer before applying the foundation. It also manages to even out the shade of skin as I do have a bit of discoloration on my chin. 
I was super shocked that such a lightweight foundation could provide such coverage. 
This foundation is very easy to blend out. I use my ELF powder brush to blend it out and it takes less then a minute to get an airbrushed finish. The foundation is so blendable that I believe when I'm wearing it, it looks like my skin, but better. 
I have been told a couple of times this week that my skin's been looking radiant and glowy. And it's all thanks to this foundation. It is an oil based foundation, so you will be left with a bit of a shine, I am a fan of the dewy look so that's right up my street. And also because it's oil based, it's perfect for my dry skin. I have not yet noticed any dry patches.

This is another thing I love about this foundation, the pump. It is so convenient. I don't go for big whole pumps, instead I pump out enough to dot on my skin, so the pump gives me control to do so.
Also a little goes a loooooong way with this foundation. If I was to pump a lot out I would probably use 1/2 a pump for my whole face.

As if you couldn't tell, but I am in love with this foundation. I love the coverage, the packaging, the light feeling and the way it blends oh so easily. Oh and also for drugstore foundations this was the first foundation which I managed to get which was bang on my shade. The shade matching was incredible!

Overall I will reccommend this foundation to all those people who are looking for something lightweight and easy to handle. Especially if you have early morning starts etc because you can even blend this foundation out using your fingers to save time. 
If you are someone with oily skin then I suggest you use this foundation with the Maybelline dream matte powder as it does control a lot of shine.

There you have it, my views on the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid.
Hope this post helped.

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Boots Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz

Hi everyone and welcome back to my page.
So setting sprays and spritz have been very popular in the beauty world this year.
To be honest with you guys I wasn't really interested in the idea, mainly because like every cosmetic out there, it contains various chemicals and my skin is super sensitive. 
However recently I popped into Boots and saw this little beauty. 

This is not a setting spray but it is a spritz.
The main aim of this product is to cleanse impurities and freshen the skin.

Boots Botanics
Rosewater Toning Spritz
What drew me into this product was:
#1 It is 100% Organic
#2 It contains a very minimal amount of ingredients.

What's so special about this product is that it contains rosewater which is amazing for toning the skin.
Ever since I've been using this product I've been getting compliments about how healthy and glowy my skin seems to appear.
I use this product every time before I apply my make up, so after I've moisturized my skin I apply 2/3 spritz on my face and then wait for it to dry before going on to my foundation etc. I find that my powder or concealer and even foundation just applies effortlessly after using this product.
I also like to use this product on hot days when I don't really want to go out wearing make up. So days where I just want to run some quick errands I'd apply this and I'm out the door. And it just gives my skin the fresh feel and look. 

As you guys know I have dry skin and by using this product after my moisturiser it adds more moisture to my skin, which is always good. 

There are many ways in which this product can be used.
The directions which come with this product are to use it by spritzing the skin and then wiping it away using a cotton wool. Just as you would use a toner.
This product is actually the best purchase I've made in a while. The price is perfect for the product especially if you consider the organic ingredients.
It does contain alcohol so it may sting once you apply it on areas where you have cuts etc. 

Well that's my review on this magic in a bottle.
Hope you guys found this post useful.

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Dress Like Kendall Jenner.

Hi everyone. Hope you're all good!
Today I will be showing you how to get Kendall Jenner's look. If you don't know who she is then let me enlighten you. She is a 16 year old model and part of the Kardashian clan.

Here is an outfit that Kendall wore at the 2010 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party. This look is very sophisticated and the skirt is the focal point, with it's colour being the first thing you notice.
I have put together a few pieces to make this a more everyday look because Kendall's outfit was obviously meant for the red carpet.

I've chosen a long sleeve blouse to go with the outfit because I feel like it gives the look a more sophisticated look and also blouses are so in right now. The bow of the blouse can be positioned to the desired effect. I also thing the flowy effect of the blouse makes up for the simplicity of the skirt.
Next I've chosen a skirt which has several pleats and a signature black belt to continue with the classy look.
For shoes Kendall has swapped her heals for a pair of pain-free brogues. But instead of going with the simple Black on Black she's added a pair of white laces to co ordinate with the black and white carried on from the shirt and the belt of her skirt. 
It's easy to get this shoe style, purchase any brogue and add a pair of white shoe laces and voila you have the same exact pair without the ridiculous price tag.
This whole look is pretty simple and her make up is also very simple too. Obviously being 16 and the party was for teenagers Kendall didn't want to over do it but look fantastic but still hold on to her age.
To complete the Kendall Jenner look just add a light dusting of Natural bronzer on to the tempals of your forehead, do the two B&3 on each cheek and there you have it, you are a bronzed godess. 

Get the look:

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.
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Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge.

Hi everyone. Hope you're all doing good!
We've all seen the raves about the infamous beauty blender sponge! I've had my eyes on it for quite a while now but as usual I can't afford the real thing because I'm a student! :(
However that's why we all love dupes for... right girls?

Here is how it arrived. 
The packaging looks very professional with the star of the show popped in the middle of the packed.
I love how the sponge came with a plastic tape-type thing around it to secure the shape and elasticity of the sponge.

I've still got this plastic piece of tape. I like to leave my sponge on it whilst it's not in use. 

The sponge itself is a perfect size. Fits very snugly in your hands.
I use the bottom bit to pat on my foundation and then the pointy bit to apply foundation in those
hard to reach areas such as around the nose and around the eye area. Also the pointy bit can be used whilst correcting any mistakes which appeared whilst doing your eyebrows. 
The sponge is quite soft but also structured. It does stain but that's why it must be washed after every use. Well I like to wash it after every use because I don't like the thought of having second hand foundation on my skin the second day. 

Also this brush is good for concealer application. For those who do not use foundation on a day to day basis. I like to pat on my concealer with this sponge to get more coverage from my concealer. And this works a treat.

If you are looking for a beauty blender replacement I will recommend this 100% 
I haven't used the beauty blender but I don't really feel the need to spend that much when I have this sponge which in my opinion is as good!

Hope this post has helped.

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Friday, 22 June 2012

17 Eyeshadow Trios

Hi everyone and welcome back to my page.
Today I have a review on some beautiful eyeshadow trios.
If you have been following my page for some time now then you might know how obsessed I am with 17.
I mean who wouldn't be? The 17 range is always coming out with new collections and they're so cheap and affordable!

Greens (one on the left)- Forest Greens
Aqua blue-y (one on the top)- Mermaid's tale.
Blue (one on the bottom) - Moody Blues 

£5.49 each
How vibrant do these colours look? 
All pictured in natural lighting. 

My favourite thing about these shadows are they are just so pigmented. It's amazing how much you get for the price. Also another thing that I like about 17 trios is that most of them come with a white shade which is amazing for higlighting and also many of them are not even that shimmery which is good for all the matte look lovers.
As I said before the pigmentation is craaazy! I love these trios their perfect to take with you when you're just going for a weekend away or something as each trio will have the shades for an eye look.
Also the shadows aren't too powdery as you know some cheap eyeshadows tend to spread everywhere once you go to use them but not with these.
My favourite trio has to be the trio in Forest greens  because I just love those colours and I think they are perfect if you're looking for something that grabs the attention of your eyes but not too much attention.

Overall I think these eyeshadow trios are great quality for the price you pay. They last long and one pot does the trick.

Hope you guys found this quick review helpful.
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P.s. have you got any of these trios, if so which one is your fave. Let me know :D
Also here is another post where I share my experiences on some 17 goodies for the first time,.
17 cosmetics

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Hello again...

Hi everyone hope you're all doing goood!
Long time no see right? yeah sorry about that.

I've been so busy over the last few weeks, I don't know how I'm still in one piece.
Firstly I started some of my exams over in May and then that whole month was full of exams.... So my days really went by revising for my exams and continuing with college. It was so hectic. Then on the day of my final exam before the holidays I started moving houses... why?! Well because my parents decided to and so I was left with revising all throughout that week and doing last minute cramming and revising on Thursday night.
On the Friday I completed my last exams for the week and then moved houses. So that weekend was just full of moving houses. And with that also came redecorating my room. Getting new furniture etc etc. So why didn't I post over the half term? Well because the first Monday back I had my last exam so I spent most of the holiday 'attempting' revision.

Finally It's mid June and I'm back and better then before. I feel so good and relieved that exams are over and my room is complete. I can now get back to blogging, and just in general keeping my page alive as it has been dry for the past month. College is nearly over I cannot believe that the first year is complete, it went by terribly fast! I've met some amazing people over the year and I can honestly say that there has been less drama and the company was very nice.

Well now I'm just babbling away. I just decided I'd pop by and give you all a heads up before getting back to my usual routine. Expect to see many, many more posts very soon and don't forget to fill up the requests page.

Thank you all so much for sticking by and hello to my new followers!!
P.s. 180 FOLLOWERS?!! Thank you so, so much it definitely means a lot.

Before I go here are some images of my latest obsession,
Arm Candy...

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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Having trouble with blackheads?

Hi everyone, hope you're all well!

Today's post is going to be on blackheads! Yes I'm talking about those little, annoying, tiny spots which appear around the nose, chin and forehead.
I suffer with blackheads and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

What are blackheads?
Blackheads are tiny and sometimes they are a kind of yellowish colour. Blackheads are not caused by dirt but they are caused because of blockage of the sebaceous gland. They look dirty only because they are blackened by oxidation.

What's the cause of blackheads?
Many things can cause blackheads but the common causes are:
- Stress: 
Stress can lead to many things. When someone is stressed they usually forget the simple things like hygiene. When you do not clean the skin often it can result in blackheads.
- Diet:
Many foods such as fried foods, sugary foods and foods that are high in carbohydrates do encourage the growth of blackheads.
- Make up:
Again this comes down to hygiene. How many of us really clean our make up off at the end of the night? Not many of us and the make up can clog the pores. Also sometimes after washing off all of your make up there are still some left due to the make up remover of choice.

Recommendations of blackhead removal.
Before I really knew about blackheads I did so many useless things such as scrubbing my nose with full strength. But DO NOT DO THAT! Firstly this will not work and secondly you will be left with a very sore nose.

Recently I have found a good cheap way to remove blackheads.

Superdrug Deep Action Nose Strips
Pack of 4
Now on offer for

I bought this product a few days ago. I didn't really expect much as it was cheap. However this product is amazing! I was so surprised at the results.
This is the Superdrug Deep Action Nose Strips. This was the first time I've ever used nose strips and I chose a cheap alternative due to the fact that it was my first time, I didn't know how to use nose strips and I just wanted something to try out.

This product is very easy to use. You just wash your face as normal. Remove the sticker from the nose strip. And apply the strip on your nose. Make sure to splash some water on your nose once the strip is applied to make sure it stays in place. You need to keep this product on for a good 10-12 minutes. But I recommend you to keep it on for a little bit longer depending on the intensity of the blackheads. I kept it on for about 15 minutes. After the time is up you simply find a corner to pull at and pull it towards the middle of the nose. It does hurt, but no pain no gain! After you've taken the strip off just wash off the residue.

If I was a little bit more braver I would show you the before and after, but I'm not :(
But I was so pleased with the outcome. I have near to NO blackheads left on my nose. I was so shocked at how many blackheads came out. It was rather disgusting to see it on the strip afterwards.
Overall I think this product deserves so much praise! It's so cheap yet so effective. I recommend it to every blackhead sufferer.

I hope this post helps.
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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Review: ELF High Definition Powder

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing amazing. 
Today I have a little review on the ELF High Definition Powder.

ELF High Definition Powder
I've heard so many good things about this powder so I finally decided to give in. 
It consists of microfine particles which is "designed to work good with HD cameras or everyday use"

I bought this powder just to use as a clear setting powder. I love how fine the powder itself is and how it just glides on the skin. It is so light that I hardly feel it once it is applied. This powder lasted on my skin all day and it kept me shine free. I reapplied this powder only once. 
It comes with an applicator which I think would be useful if applying the product on your body. However I like to apply this with a powder brush like my Sigma F30 or my ELF Kabuki brush.

This product is from the ELF studio line. The design of the product is quite bulky. But the packaging is very professional like. It is a huge 8grams which is so worth it for the price and it will last forever.
In my opinion I recommend this powder for the people who have oily skin as this powder does keep your oils controlled. 

I hope this post helped.
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Saturday, 24 March 2012


Hi everyone. How's your weekend going? Good I hope.
Today I will be sharing some piece I would love to own however I haven't got round to owning them yet!
So it will have to go here :)

001. Chiffon Maxi skirt : I'd love to have one of these in my spring/ summer wardrobe. Especially
in this nude-y colour. It will be easier to pair and also it looks so feminine!

002. Wedges : Ooh so in right now?! I have a tan pair already but I need a black one. Wedges are so comfortable and they look gorge at the same time. 

003. Plaited leather shopper : I know these have been everywhere lately. The infamous Zara tote. The tan one is the most popular, but the navy blue one looks so good and different! I need it. It will be perfect for college as well as it is pretty roomy.  

004. Dolly Bow Necklace : I just love how cute this looks. It has a hint of vintage in it also. 

005. Freya blue stone knuckle ring : This ring seem familiar to you? It's only the YSL 'esq' ring from the wonderful Kate at Dolly Bow Bow. It's way cheaper then the usual. So I need it. I don't know why but I've been loving blue lately; can you tell ;)

006. Blush in Neon Rose : I haven't tried the TOPSHOP blushes yet and I'm intrigued after seeing so many reviews on them. This colour looks perfect for summer. 

That's what's on my wishlist this weekend. What's on yours?
Which product do you NEED?

Thanks for reading.
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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spend for the trend: Pastels

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing fine.
How good are this year's trends? One trend that I have been loving is the pastels trend. Eyeshadows, blouses, dresses, jeans, bags, shoes everything that is pastel coloured looks good enough to eat!

Many celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Whitney Port have been spotted wearing cute pastel jeans. Also the pastel trend has taken runways by a storm. My fave trend so far!

I love the pastel trend because my style is very feminine and I think that these pastel colours are also very feminine. They are so light and just screams Spring and Summer to me.

I've chosen some yummy goodies that you guys can choose to enjoy, like me :D

I think the Lace strappy sundress looks so stunning. It would be perfect for summer especially. Light colours will be good to your skin especially in the heat.

How gorgeously yummy do those bubble gum pink skinnies look? I'm in love with these Oaklin pastel low rise jeans . It would go perfectly with a nice cream blouse.

If you're going for the comfort and yummy look go for the Roll up pastel chinos from Newlooks. Chinos are oh so comfortable yet so 'in'.

Can you picture yourself in the chiffon maxi skirt taking quite strolls in the park or even better in the beach? I so can..

Bags, Bags, Bags, I cannot get enough! These pastel blue and  spearmint clutches are a decent size and will go with anything neutral. Or why not mix and match?

What comes after bags? Shoes obviously... Yellow and Lilac how much more summery and feminine can you get?

This MUA pretty in pastels pallet  reminds me of little macaroons. I can see my self wearing these eyeshadows in the daytime aswell as in the evening.

This stripe crop shirt  would make a pretty outfit, just add some denim shorts..

Finally this is a limited addition piece from Newlook. Its a two tone dress need I say more about this piece?

Thats all for now. I love doing these posts. So which trend are you enjoying?
Let me know :D

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Trendy Tuesday Tip: The concealer aftermath.

Hey dolls.
I haven't done these types of posts in a while now. And I'm really sorry about that. But after thoroughly checking out my blog I've realized my readers to find these posts quite helpful. So I'm bringing them back!

More concealer drama!
Don't you just hate it when you've applied concealer so evenly but then your concealer begins to accentuate wrinkles and lines? If this happens under your eyes just mix a little concealer with your eye cream and then apply it gently under the eyes in a patting motion. And if it happens around the mouth, just mix a little concealer with your moisturizer and voila. No more lines. This way concealer is not as dry and you are left with a smooth finish.

Hope this post was helpful. 
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Saturday, 17 March 2012

ELF: Powder brush and Kabuki brush.

Hi dolls. Hope everyone is doing great.
Today's post is going to be about my views on two ELF studio brushes. Hope you enjoy x

ELF powder brush

This is the infamous powder brush. I decided to purchase this after I saw a number of bloggers and gurus raving about it. I for on love make up brushes and I need ALL types in my collection.

This brush is a different type of powder brush, it's not your usual fluffy brush. In my opinion this brush should be renamed the 'Multipurpose brush'. 
I love how versatile this brush is. I use it for powder, foundation and tinted moisturizer. It can also be used for blush and bronzer.
 It gives you a flawless, airbrush finish whilst using it to apply foundation.
I love the way this brush looks. For the price it looks really professional and very expensive. 
The brush itself is so soft and hardly sheds. 
Sometimes I also use this brush to help distribute blush on my face if I've applied a little too much
and it does the job.

ELF Kabuki face brush.

I've been looking for a good kabuki brush for a long time now. I've heard many good things about the MAC 182 but that brush is way out of my price range. 

This little Kabuki brush from ELF is amazing. It is the best quality with super soft hairs. I love the size of it.
Sometimes I find a kabuki brush to be a little big. But this is perfect just the size I was looking for.
This brush can be used for mineral foundation, powder, blusher or even bronzer. 
I prefer to use this brush with powder and mineral foundation. I feel it distributes the product evenly on my face.
Due to being synthetic it can hold more product so be sure to tap off the excess to avoid that cakey look. 
Overall I think for the price this product is well worth it. The size allows it to fit snugly in your hand. And it also takes less space in your make up bag.

I hope you guys found this post useful. 
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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Soap And Glory: The righteous butter.

Hey dolls.
Hope everyone's doing good. Sorry about the lack of posts recently, really don't know what to post about so leave me requests ^^^ up there :D

Today's post is going to be on the Soap And Glory righteous body butter. This product comes in two forms a lotion and a butter. I have the lotion and if you want to know more about it, please read on :D

Soap and glory righteous butter: Lotion.
Available in Boots.
£7.00 - 500 ml.

This product is thin in consistency and super moisturizing.
The thing that I love about Soap and Glory is their huge range of feminine fragrances that come
along with the products.

This lotion smells divine. It has this aromatic fragrance due to ingredients such as rose-hip seed oils etc. 
The fragrance stays on for quite a while.
I feel this lotion keeps my skin soft for a long time. 
I love how it moisturizes but doesn't give me a heavy feel because it's so thin.
To get the best out of this lotion I advise you use it on damp skin. This way your skin is left moisturized for longer. 

I also love how it comes with a pump. It makes it easier to use and also perfect for travelling because it has a lock system so you will be sure that you are avoiding any leakages. 

I love soap and glory products and this is a winner for me as all soap and glory products :D

Thanks for reading.
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Friday, 17 February 2012

ELF: Tinted moisturizer

Hey everyone!
Today I have a review on the ELF tinted moisturizer. I haven't seen many reviews on this. But I have tried this product for two weeks now and I finally have things to say about it.

ELF tinted moisturizer spf 20
Shade: Beige
Price: £3.50

I'm not one to wear foundation all the time, I'd much rather prefer a medium coverage tinted moisturizer. I 
like tinted moisturizers because they are lightweight and don't give me a 'full face of make up' feel.
This tinted moisturizer is pretty heavy in consistency. It felt quite thick compared to any other tinted moisturizer I have.
My shade is beige, but it made me look really orange. It lasts on the skin for about an hour and a half if not set. And it just made me feel like it's weighing down my skin.
I'm so sad that this product wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I didn't think it gave me any
coverage the coverage was just like a moisturizer. 
If you are looking for a tinted moisturizer that gives you a little coverage and a nice smooth feel. Then this isn't the product for you.

I hope this post helps.
If you have another view on this product please let me know. 
This is just my honest opinion on the product.

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Star of the night!

Hey everyone.
So the grammy's were on last night. I didn't watch the whole thing but I caught a few glimpses at the E! red carpet coverage. There were many pretty outfits but one person stood out from the crowd to me. And others will ageee....

I'm so proud of this woman! 

She looks stunning. I love how she looks so classy, respectable.

Her performance was amazzzingggg. Wish I was there just to see her perform.
If you haven't watched her performance check it out:

So much passion.

She ended the night with six amazing awards; which to be honest is just incredible and much deserved.

1. Record of the year
2. Album of the year
3. Song of the year (rolling in the deep)
4. Best pop solo performance (someone like you)
5. Best pop vocal album (21)
6. Best short form music video.

How proud could the Brits be?!

Did you watch the grammys?
What was your highlight? 
Let me know!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

January Favourites

Hey dolls!
I have decided I will be doing 'favourites' posts this year. I always said I'd do these last year. But always forgot. Hopefully I can keep it up. Somethings have been a favourite of mine for a very long time. And some things are new additions. Enjoy.

This month I've been loving...

1. 17 Blusher in 'Brickie'
I've been loving this blush this month. It's got less of a pinky tone. And has brown undertones. I just quickly sweep some under my cheek bones. It gives me a nice contour and also a flush of colour.
2.  Rimmel London lipstick in 'Latino' 
I've been wearing this colour on my lips all month. It's such a nice pink and it's so moisturizing. Perfect for this time of year.
3. Maybelline dream matte powder
This powder keeps me looking flawless and shine free all day. Lovely product that I will be happy to purchase again and again.

4. Carmex
A life saver for me. I pop a bit of this on my lips every morning before I start doing my make up for the day. And then keep reapplying all day. It leaves my lips so soft and super smooth. And keeps it protected from the horrid wind.
5. NYC showtime volumizing mascara 'carbon'
A new purchase of mine. But has been a favourite since I purchased it. Review coming soon.
6. ELF under eye concealer and highlighter.
I've been a fan of the concealer for months now. But this month I've been using the highlighter too. I just place some under my eyebrows to give them a lift. And also on the tear duct to give me that open eye look.

7. Bourjois precision liner intense.
Another recurring fave of mine. But I've reached for this most often this month. Love how it's so black and makes a statement on my eyes.
8.Collection 2000 extreme 24hour liquid eyeliner.
You all know how much I love this mascara. Love how it stays on all day.
9. Soap and Glory sexy motherpucker lipgloss 'nude'
I've been using this lip colour to give my lips a healthy, fresh and fuller look. It's not really sticky and it just enhances my natural lip colour.

10. ELF kabuki brush.
I have been loving using this brush to powder my skin. Review coming soon..
11.QVS foundation brush.
 I love using this brush for my concealer. It conceals a large area in such a short time. Perfect for busy mornings.
12. This random lipgloss I found.
I've discovered this lipgloss, I have no idea where it's from. But for the past month I've loved it. The staying power is not that good. But it's smells amazing and looks good when first applied.

13. The Nivea soft moisturizer
I love this cream. It's been a staple for the past 3 years. But in the winter it's much more  better. Keeps my skin moisturized and looking healthy.
14. Soap and Glory blueberry thrill body butter.
This is a rich butter. I have been loving this to moisturize my elbows, arms, legs etc. It's been a life saver in the past month.
15. Simple replenishing rich moisturizer.
I've been loving this cream. I've been using it as a primer. And you will find out why in my full review. Coming soon..

That's all my favourites for this month. 
What have you been enjoying?
Leave a comment and let me know.

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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Review: Liz Earle

Hi everyone, hope your all well.
Today I have a Liz Earle review. About a month ago I purchased two products for my mum. She suffers from psoriasis and I really wanted to get her something to feel good about again.
Psoriasis is a skin disease which leaves you with red, itchy and patchy skin. Psoriasis can't be cured, but it can be helped. There are many ointments and products out there to soothe the itching etc.
I did a bit of research and I found out that Liz Earle do some products for psoriasis. You can see more Liz Earle psoriasis products on their website Liz Earle and psoriasis.
Here's the two products I purchased:

Liz Earle orange flower botanical body wash
200ml £11.25

This product has a strong citrus smell. Once applied it foams up really quickly. A little really
does go a long way with this product. 
I gave my mum one month to test it out and after I asked her about it, this is what she said:

She believes this product really does make her skin feel much better.
The redness around the patches start to fade. Her skin feels much more smoother.
She has noticed a huge difference with her skin. The smell also gives her a therapeutic feel and boosts her energy.
She recommends this product to all the psoriasis sufferers. Although this product is good. 
This product will have a better effect on people with a little bit of psoriasis. 

Liz Earle
 Nourishing Botanical Body Cream.

200ml £16.25

I also purchased this product, so she could apply it after her shower. 
The smell is the same as the body wash. Very citrus-y and also a tinge of ginger.
My mum applies this product after using the body wash.
My mum's views on this product:

Both products work together to make her skin feel smooth. 
Soothes her skin and reduces the patchiness.
These are products that she is willing to purchase again and again!
So happy I bought these for her. 

I hope you guys found this post useful.
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