Monday, 2 January 2012

ELF: Daily Brush Cleaner

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Today I have thoughts on the ELF daily brush cleanser. 

ELF Daily Brush Cleaner.

When I first purchased this product a couple of months ago I steered clear of it.
This is all down to the smell of the product. 
My face is pretty sensitive, so I usually divert away from products that contain fragrances on them.

However a couple of days ago I had a sudden urge to use this brush cleanser.
And I must say I am impressed.
This bottle of brush cleanser does have some smell to it. But it works absoloutley amazing. 

I used it to clean my eye brushes, the brushes had black shadows on them and 
the cleanser made it so easy to clean them.
My brushes were left clean and like new after I'd washed them. 

I love how it's a spritz bottle. It controls how much product I use. Usually two sprays does the trick.
For face brushes I'd use about two and half (as in for foundations...)

For only £2.45 I think this bottle is well worth it. Especially because you get a huge 250ml.
And a little does go a long way with this cleaner.

However I wouldn't recommend it if your looking for a brush cleaner to do heavy duty removal.
This cleaner is good for every day use hence the name.
It did not effect my skin after I used it :D.

I hope you found this post useful.

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  1. What does it smell like?? I have contemplated purchasing it. Maybe I will now!! :)

  2. It smells kind of a perfume-ish chemical way. Sorry I'm rubbish at describing smells. But the smell isn't that strong. :D x


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