Sunday, 22 January 2012

What I've been up to - #1

Hey Dolls
This weekend has been a very lazy weekend considering I have a bijillion essays to be doing...
But I just needed a break from everything and just needed a good old lazy weekend. 
I will be doing a summary of my week from time to time. Just to let you guys know what I've been up

♥ Recently I've been loving burning candles and reading books. Burning candles is slowly becoming an obsession of mine. It makes my room feel so cozy in this horrid cold weather. 

   ♥ I have also been tweet, tweeting a lot recently. The main reason is because I have finally downloaded uber social on my phone. And it's just so fast and it's really easy to quickly tweet something. If you aren't following me on twitter make sure you do because that's the easiest way to catch me and ask me any questions or leave any post requests :D

♥ I have also been completely obsessed with my IPOD. Especially this week because I have no exams. 
I have a lot of spare time now.
One of the great apps I have downloaded is Ibooks and this is such a convenient app. I love reading so much
but I never do enough of it. Until I downloaded this wonderful app. I have so many books to read. Yes I am 
reading the Pretty Little Liars series. I'm on book number three and it is so good.

♥ Another app I have been playing like mad since Thursday is the infamous Tiny Tower. I'm sure
everyone knows about this little beauty. It's not the usual genre of game I'd go for
But it's super addictive :l
I have also been addicted to Temple run. But lets not get into that :p

   ♥ Rihanna's Talk that talk album has been on replay all week. Such an upbeat album to dance around 
in your room to hahah.

♥ Finally 149 FOLLOWERS! 
Say whaaaat?!
Thank you all so very much, it means the world to me. Hello to all of you beauties. Thanks for taking
a peek at my blog, hope you enjoy :D

Hope you guys enjoyed the post.
If you like, Please
Comment. Rate. Follow 
P.S. what have you been up to? 



  1. Congrats on your followers! I always have a candles burning. They definitely makes dreary weather more bearable!

    1. Thank you! And I agree, I love candles <3 x

  2. Well done on your follower count, well deserved!You've just encouraged me to purchase the ipod! Picking it up tomorrow :D xx

    1. Awwh. Thank you and enjoy your new ipod <3 x

  3. Great little catch up post! i love to see what others have been doing with their lives :D


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