Saturday, 24 March 2012


Hi everyone. How's your weekend going? Good I hope.
Today I will be sharing some piece I would love to own however I haven't got round to owning them yet!
So it will have to go here :)

001. Chiffon Maxi skirt : I'd love to have one of these in my spring/ summer wardrobe. Especially
in this nude-y colour. It will be easier to pair and also it looks so feminine!

002. Wedges : Ooh so in right now?! I have a tan pair already but I need a black one. Wedges are so comfortable and they look gorge at the same time. 

003. Plaited leather shopper : I know these have been everywhere lately. The infamous Zara tote. The tan one is the most popular, but the navy blue one looks so good and different! I need it. It will be perfect for college as well as it is pretty roomy.  

004. Dolly Bow Necklace : I just love how cute this looks. It has a hint of vintage in it also. 

005. Freya blue stone knuckle ring : This ring seem familiar to you? It's only the YSL 'esq' ring from the wonderful Kate at Dolly Bow Bow. It's way cheaper then the usual. So I need it. I don't know why but I've been loving blue lately; can you tell ;)

006. Blush in Neon Rose : I haven't tried the TOPSHOP blushes yet and I'm intrigued after seeing so many reviews on them. This colour looks perfect for summer. 

That's what's on my wishlist this weekend. What's on yours?
Which product do you NEED?

Thanks for reading.
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  1. top shop blushes are amazing! you should deffo try them


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