Friday, 22 June 2012

17 Eyeshadow Trios

Hi everyone and welcome back to my page.
Today I have a review on some beautiful eyeshadow trios.
If you have been following my page for some time now then you might know how obsessed I am with 17.
I mean who wouldn't be? The 17 range is always coming out with new collections and they're so cheap and affordable!

Greens (one on the left)- Forest Greens
Aqua blue-y (one on the top)- Mermaid's tale.
Blue (one on the bottom) - Moody Blues 

£5.49 each
How vibrant do these colours look? 
All pictured in natural lighting. 

My favourite thing about these shadows are they are just so pigmented. It's amazing how much you get for the price. Also another thing that I like about 17 trios is that most of them come with a white shade which is amazing for higlighting and also many of them are not even that shimmery which is good for all the matte look lovers.
As I said before the pigmentation is craaazy! I love these trios their perfect to take with you when you're just going for a weekend away or something as each trio will have the shades for an eye look.
Also the shadows aren't too powdery as you know some cheap eyeshadows tend to spread everywhere once you go to use them but not with these.
My favourite trio has to be the trio in Forest greens  because I just love those colours and I think they are perfect if you're looking for something that grabs the attention of your eyes but not too much attention.

Overall I think these eyeshadow trios are great quality for the price you pay. They last long and one pot does the trick.

Hope you guys found this quick review helpful.
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P.s. have you got any of these trios, if so which one is your fave. Let me know :D
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17 cosmetics


  1. I remember when these were in the shops, I was eyeing the bright blue one. Do you know if this is still available?
    - Keyta x


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