Sunday, 17 June 2012

Hello again...

Hi everyone hope you're all doing goood!
Long time no see right? yeah sorry about that.

I've been so busy over the last few weeks, I don't know how I'm still in one piece.
Firstly I started some of my exams over in May and then that whole month was full of exams.... So my days really went by revising for my exams and continuing with college. It was so hectic. Then on the day of my final exam before the holidays I started moving houses... why?! Well because my parents decided to and so I was left with revising all throughout that week and doing last minute cramming and revising on Thursday night.
On the Friday I completed my last exams for the week and then moved houses. So that weekend was just full of moving houses. And with that also came redecorating my room. Getting new furniture etc etc. So why didn't I post over the half term? Well because the first Monday back I had my last exam so I spent most of the holiday 'attempting' revision.

Finally It's mid June and I'm back and better then before. I feel so good and relieved that exams are over and my room is complete. I can now get back to blogging, and just in general keeping my page alive as it has been dry for the past month. College is nearly over I cannot believe that the first year is complete, it went by terribly fast! I've met some amazing people over the year and I can honestly say that there has been less drama and the company was very nice.

Well now I'm just babbling away. I just decided I'd pop by and give you all a heads up before getting back to my usual routine. Expect to see many, many more posts very soon and don't forget to fill up the requests page.

Thank you all so much for sticking by and hello to my new followers!!
P.s. 180 FOLLOWERS?!! Thank you so, so much it definitely means a lot.

Before I go here are some images of my latest obsession,
Arm Candy...

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