Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid

Hi dolls! Hope you guys are doing good.
Today I will be sharing with you my experiences with the Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation. I have heard so many good things about it, so have decided to give it a go.
Hope you enjoy x

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid
Shade: Sun Beige
(MAC NC35- 40)
Price: £7.99
I decided to purchase this foundation because I wanted something for everyday use, yet I didn't want the horrible heavy feeling.

This is exactly what I get from this foundation. 
The texture of this foundation is so light, almost as if it's weightless. It doesn't feel like it's clogging up my skin which is also a good thing. 
Another bonus point is the price, at just under £8.00 I think it's a real steal.
I love the fact how I can have it on for ages but still it doesn't give me that uncomfortable feeling. 

I love this foundation because it has amazing coverage. 
Before I started using this foundation I had a bit of a break out, you know the usual time of the month break out. And this foundation managed to conceal my imperfections. I hardly find myself using concealer when I'm using this foundation, however if you have those red pimples on your face then I'd suggest applying a concealer before applying the foundation. It also manages to even out the shade of skin as I do have a bit of discoloration on my chin. 
I was super shocked that such a lightweight foundation could provide such coverage. 
This foundation is very easy to blend out. I use my ELF powder brush to blend it out and it takes less then a minute to get an airbrushed finish. The foundation is so blendable that I believe when I'm wearing it, it looks like my skin, but better. 
I have been told a couple of times this week that my skin's been looking radiant and glowy. And it's all thanks to this foundation. It is an oil based foundation, so you will be left with a bit of a shine, I am a fan of the dewy look so that's right up my street. And also because it's oil based, it's perfect for my dry skin. I have not yet noticed any dry patches.

This is another thing I love about this foundation, the pump. It is so convenient. I don't go for big whole pumps, instead I pump out enough to dot on my skin, so the pump gives me control to do so.
Also a little goes a loooooong way with this foundation. If I was to pump a lot out I would probably use 1/2 a pump for my whole face.

As if you couldn't tell, but I am in love with this foundation. I love the coverage, the packaging, the light feeling and the way it blends oh so easily. Oh and also for drugstore foundations this was the first foundation which I managed to get which was bang on my shade. The shade matching was incredible!

Overall I will reccommend this foundation to all those people who are looking for something lightweight and easy to handle. Especially if you have early morning starts etc because you can even blend this foundation out using your fingers to save time. 
If you are someone with oily skin then I suggest you use this foundation with the Maybelline dream matte powder as it does control a lot of shine.

There you have it, my views on the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid.
Hope this post helped.

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