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Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation and Concealer

Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing good. The holiday season is here. How fast has this year gone?
Happy holidays everyone :D

Today I will be sharing my views on some infamous products from Collection (used to be called Collection 2000)
Collection cosmetics is well known for their amazing quality drugstore foundation and concealer. These products are loved and cherished by many women and purses around the country.

Lasting perfection foundation.
For a drugstore product I think the packaging is very professional and actually looks good. It looks much more expensive then it is. The packaging is made of glass and the lid is plastic. It also has a pump. When I purchase foundations I steer towards the ones that have pumps because it makes it easier to control the product and less product is wasted.

This foundation is oil free with an SPF 20. It is 16 hour wear which means the product itself is quite thick. This is a full coverage foundation. I'm not one to go for foundations which are oil free and of heavy consistency however before I purchased this foundation I wasn't too sure of my skin type. Once I purchased this foundation I didn't have a good relationship with it and now I know it's because my skin is awfully dry. However I have figured out a way to work with it.


When I use this product I mix it with my Simple Kind to skin, replenishing rich moisturiser. And so the foundation becomes more usable, the consistency becomes lighter and the coverage becomes more buildable. I have also realised that the finish becomes more natural. I find by using my foundation this way I have no trouble with it and it does the trick.

I love this foundation because it is long wearing, perfect for those who are out and about all the time. Those with oily skin will have a treat with using this foundation.

Something that I think most people miss when using this foundation is the 'Shake well before use' sign. I realised if I don't use this foundation for a couple of days and then go back to using it, it sets and so the product comes out a bit clumpy and when this happens you do not get a nice finish. So always remember to shake the bottle well before use.

Collection Lasting perfection concealer.

Now the concealer, as you can see it is well loved. I know EVERYONE is so thankful to collection for coming out with this product. It is an amazing quality concealer minus the price tag. It is really a steal. The formulation of the product allows it to glide on softly. And again this product is long wearing. Sometimes I find myself using this product on it's own and then add a bit of powder and I'm ready to go. That's how good the coverage is.

Collection have really done well with these two products. The shade range isn't too bad for drugstore, however I think they can bring out more shades for darker skin tones. Other then that these two products are really a steal, with high end quality but doesn't leave a big empty chunk in your purse.

And those are my thoughts on this product.
I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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