Friday, 20 September 2013

What I've been upto #3

Hi guys, hope you're all doing good!
I feel really good and more motivated and full of energy. I just want to get started and do as much as I can.
Anyways I know it hasn't been that long since my last update. But I thought I should do another one because things have changed in my life.. once again.

Okay so the major change is university. August was a fabulous month, I enjoyed a holiday to Wales for about 2 and a half weeks, just relaxed with my family and took a few days off from everything, trust me it felt good. I got back the day before results day and weirdly this year I was not really nervous about results, I mean I was more scared about not feeling nervous if that makes sense.
Results day was just a roller coaster of a day, I started off by having to find all my clothes in the morning because whilst I was away my dad decided to get new carpet fitted upstairs so everything was packed and obviously nobody decided to put my things away. Anyways I got my results and what a shock that was. I did much better then I thought and I am just so utterly happy and proud of myself. Hard work and determination really did pay off. 

After I got all my results and stuff sorted I wish I could say I went to celebrate but then I had to completely frustrate myself because of UCAS track being so slow. But once all of that was done and my place was confirmed I have now relaxed a lot. I am happy to say I am a university student now and will be for the next three years. I am studying to become a key stage 1 teacher which may sound pretty crazy to some, but I think I can do it.

I have just seen my timetable and it is ridiculous. I'm in uni for 3 days, one day I have a class from 5-8pm and the two other days I'm in from 9am to 6pm. The uni itself is pretty far from where I live and so it takes me 45 mins on a good day to get there. I feel so tired just by thinking of all the journeys and long evenings. Hopefully it will all pay off.

Good Morning

Well that's all I have to update you guys with for now. I have really got my blogging mojo back and it may have something to do with my new Ipad. I just feel like blogging has been made 10x easier so expect more posts... that's if uni doesn't get to me first.

I know I'm not the best of bloggers and I really should put more effort into it, but that's all going to change. I will produce better quality posts and give you guys a better reading experince.

Thank you so much for staying with me and supporting me.
Until next time...

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Dry skin recovery.

Hello beautiful people, hope you guys are doing amazing.
If you have been following my page for a while then you must know by now that I have dry skin. If you suffer from dry skin I know what you're going through. It is a pain in the back side.It makes me so angry as it just puts me off wearing any make up, as I see all these patches and basically my skin just looks uneven and not right.
I know that winter is on the way and so red lights are flashing everywhere for dry skin sufferers. Do not fear I have something which will make this winter go like a breeze (no pun intended).

Here is my secret weapon, my holy grail product 
*round of applause please*

ST. IVES Fresh skin apricot scrub
Price: £3.99

This product is the best thing ever created. And I just want to thank the creators and everyone who had anything to do with the production of it... ok I'll stop now, just showing some appreciation.
Before I started using this product my skin was continuously dry and it looked dull. And then one day,  I purchased this randomly and it was the best thing I ever did!!
The trick is to use this product the day before you apply any make up so your skin is perfectly soft, supple ready to be made up. Sometimes you can use this exfoliator in the mornings but I don't like using it in the mornings as I feel it's more effective the night before.


I like to use this product to deep clean my skin and remove all my make up. I tend to use this product every evening, but only when I have make up on. If I go five days without make up because I haven't had to go college or whatever I don't use make up for daily errand runs etc. And so this summer holiday I have used this product every other day and it still gives my skin a new lease of life. 
After I have used this product to exfoliate my face I wash it off with warm water and instantly I can feel the softness and my skin looks more glowy. 
I would love to say this product does it all, but it does take most of the credit. After I have exfoliated my skin with this, I like to moisturise with my E45 moisturiser. E45 and this exfoliator were probably made for each other as they work wonderfully together. And that's really how I achieve soft skin and dry patches are long gone.

And that is my secret to help banish those dry patches... just in time for winter.
I hope this post helps and let me know if you've tried this.
 Until next time...

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Saturday, 7 September 2013

The battle of the BB creams.

Hi everyone hope you are all doing fantastic.

Although it doesn't seem like it today because of the gloomy weather, these past few weeks as a rare occurrence Britain was blessed with some sunny days.
During the summer I hated making my face feel weighed down with a full face of make up and so I decided to start using BB creams. A BB cream is a tinted moisturiser like product which is short for blemish balm… many BB creams claim many things but their main purpose is to restore skin and to repair it. Today I will be talking about two BB creams. Both from the drugstore and both that I have tried in the last few weeks or months.

Garnier All in one BB cream
Shade: Medium
RRP: £9.99

I have been using this BB cream for a good 3 months now. This BB cream is really good, it does correct the discolourations on my skin and evens out my skin tone. Also after I have used this product I feel like my skin has improved. Like any blemishes have settled down since I've worn it. This product gives a highly dewy finish which might be a bit too much for those with oily skin. However I do believe that Garnier have produced an oil free version of it so do check in stores. This BB cream retails at £9.99 however I mostly see it on sale (it is on sale right now in Superdrugs for £6.66)  I would definately pay the full price for this product as the results are amazing!

- The thing that attracted me to it is the claim "evens skin tone" and it actually does.
- It has SPF 15 which is always good especially in sunny climates.
- It leaves you with a natural finish.

- There is a very strong fragrance to this product, it is a nice smell but it does set you back on the first use.
- The shade range isn't that amazing; it comes in three shades.
- It is quite expensive for the drugstore skin care product.

Body Shop All in one BB cream
Shade: 2
RRP: £12.00

This is a newer purchase of mine, I've had it for about a month now. I love the sleek design of it. It is a very tiny bottle (25g) which is  less than the Garnier BB cream and it is also more expensive. I purchased this BB cream because the colour adapting claim really intrigued me. It is a white cream but once applied it matches your skin tone. The product feels sort of like an exfoliator and this is because of the pigment filled capsules, which burst whilst applying on the skin. I do like this product, it is less oiler then the Garnier BB cream. I believe the coverage is light and for me it hasn't been buildable. I would most recommend this product for a base for the make up, just to add that extra coverage and prep the skin.

- It is colour adapting so will adapt to your skin tone.
- It's not an oily formula so it feels non clogging and thin on the skin.
-24 hour hydration which makes you look and feel fresher for longer.

- The smell is not pleasing at all, it smells of medicine.
- The price is too high for such less quantity.
- Again the issue of limited shades.

Overall I do enjoy both products but for completely different reasons.
However with that being said I will definitely recommend the Garnier BB cream as it doesn't make a ton of claims and the product actually works.  I will also go back to purchase the Garnier BB cream as I love it so much and you begin to get used to the smell afterwards as it isn't really that harsh but pleasing.

Well there you go guys, those were my views on the two BB creams.
I hope you found this post somewhat useful.
Until next time..

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