Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Dry skin recovery.

Hello beautiful people, hope you guys are doing amazing.
If you have been following my page for a while then you must know by now that I have dry skin. If you suffer from dry skin I know what you're going through. It is a pain in the back side.It makes me so angry as it just puts me off wearing any make up, as I see all these patches and basically my skin just looks uneven and not right.
I know that winter is on the way and so red lights are flashing everywhere for dry skin sufferers. Do not fear I have something which will make this winter go like a breeze (no pun intended).

Here is my secret weapon, my holy grail product 
*round of applause please*

ST. IVES Fresh skin apricot scrub
Price: £3.99

This product is the best thing ever created. And I just want to thank the creators and everyone who had anything to do with the production of it... ok I'll stop now, just showing some appreciation.
Before I started using this product my skin was continuously dry and it looked dull. And then one day,  I purchased this randomly and it was the best thing I ever did!!
The trick is to use this product the day before you apply any make up so your skin is perfectly soft, supple ready to be made up. Sometimes you can use this exfoliator in the mornings but I don't like using it in the mornings as I feel it's more effective the night before.


I like to use this product to deep clean my skin and remove all my make up. I tend to use this product every evening, but only when I have make up on. If I go five days without make up because I haven't had to go college or whatever I don't use make up for daily errand runs etc. And so this summer holiday I have used this product every other day and it still gives my skin a new lease of life. 
After I have used this product to exfoliate my face I wash it off with warm water and instantly I can feel the softness and my skin looks more glowy. 
I would love to say this product does it all, but it does take most of the credit. After I have exfoliated my skin with this, I like to moisturise with my E45 moisturiser. E45 and this exfoliator were probably made for each other as they work wonderfully together. And that's really how I achieve soft skin and dry patches are long gone.

And that is my secret to help banish those dry patches... just in time for winter.
I hope this post helps and let me know if you've tried this.
 Until next time...

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